7 Tips to Create an Attractive Home Office Space

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The global health crisis has pushed people to work from home – and this arrangement is here to stay. Remote working has many upsides, including zero commuting and no disruptive noise from chatty co-workers.

Another awesome thing about a work-from-home arrangement is that it gives you the opportunity to design a home office the way you want. If you see yourself working from home for a long time, you should make your office an inviting and comfortable place to complete your tasks effectively and efficiently.

Check out these tips when creating a practical and beautiful home office:

1. Install Excellent Flooring on Your Office Space

The best flooring should be one that looks great with office furniture and available in styles that allow you to create your preferred ambiance. If you’ll be spending much of your time answering phone calls, you’ll want to install flooring that can absorb noise.

One example you could consider is wood flooring. This natural, long-lasting and durable floor option is available in a range of colors, textures and wood grains. Whether you choose solid walnut flooring or European white oak hardwood flooring, you can feel confident knowing that wood floors can deliver elegance and style to your home office.

2. Position Your Work Desk Strategically

When arranging the desk into a home office, some remote workers reflexively position their table in the darkest corner of the room. They’re inadvertently recreating a “corporate cubicle” inside their office.

Instead of choosing a corner, position your desk near a window, but put it parallel to the panes. This work setup provides the benefits of natural light. It’s also a great reason to look away from your PC every few minutes to admire the white clouds in the sky or your garden.

3. Incorporate Various Lighting Fixtures

A home office requires sufficient lighting to minimize eyestrain. Apart from the light coming from the sun, you need the other three basic types of lighting: accent, task and general lighting.

During the day, let in as much natural light in your home office as possible. If you’re distracted by screen or monitor glares during certain times of the day, install the appropriate window treatment, such as solar shades or sheer curtains.

If you’re working the graveyard shift, however, you’ll need something to replace daylight. Invest in general lighting by installing an overhead illumination at the center of your home office space. You could also add task lighting fixtures, such as a swing arm lamp or a table lamp, if you need more light on your desk.

Finally, there’s the accent lighting. You could create a cozy ambiance by using wall-mounted lights.

4. Reduce Clutter

Small homes have to work with limited square footage. Using space wisely, therefore, is crucial when designing a home office.

When organizing this space, install floating shelves on an empty wall to get office equipment and papers off your desk. You can also use vertical file folders to help you keep crucial documents within arm’s reach.

This next tip is for filers and stackers. If you prefer a clean desk, designate one drawer that will serve as your “to-do” papers. On the other hand, if you tend to make piles on your desk, purchase a nice basket to help you tame papers, notes and mail.

5. Tame Your Tech Wires

Wires that are running everywhere and hanging from your desk can make your home office feel and appear cluttered. Take control of your tech gadgets you’re using by following these tips:

  • Use a simple cord tamer to gather together the loose wires along the floor
  • Add a wireless router to cut down the wires you use in your office
  • Install a grommet on your desk to lead computer wires from your desk down below
  • Purchase a wireless mouse and a wireless printer

6. Create a Comfort Zone Space in Your Home Office

Don’t just settle for a desk when you create your home office space. Designate an area where you can read, think or relax.

Add a comfort zone into your office by purchasing a cozy chair, an elegant reading lamp and a table for your coffee or tea. If you prefer, add a colorful pillow in case you feel like taking a thinking break.

7. Personalize Your Desk Thoughtfully

Placing pictures of your family or friends on your desk is great. When these frames sit at the same position for months, however, they turn somewhat like wallpaper and cease to make you mindful.

From time to time, change up the location of your photos. You could also mementos of your work achievements to help you personalize your desk and motivate you to do better in your job.

A home office space need not look like a carbon copy of your company cubicle. You could make it more attractive and functional by applying these tips.

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