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Lamborghini Delve Into the Smartphone World

Got $6,000 you’re in desperate need to depart with? No, neither have the majority of us, but that hasn’t stopped Tonino Lamborghini from creating a smart phone with a price tag that requires a double-take to fully comprehend.

It’s worth mentioning that Tonino Lamborghini is a separate brand from the famous automobile makers, though founded by the same man whose self-named brand still produces some of the most illustrious and extravagant luxury sports cars on the market and will seemingly continue to. The Tonino brand produces high quality goods such as golfing gear, headphones and earphones and watches. All with a price tag that most of us would laugh at, walk away and never consider again.

The 88 Tauri is set for release early next year, with those who are interested in purchasing one having to fight off competition from others that are keen to get their hands on the world’s most pretentious cell phone. With only 1,947 devices set to go on sale, specific marketing makes this phone exclusive; not just for the fact that you’ve got to be pretty wealthy to start with, but desperate to stand out from the crowd and say “hey look at me! Look what I can afford”.

So now for the technical bit. For the amount of money you’re spending, you’d be forgiven for expecting the absolute best of the best… And in fact, it’s not far off. With ‘selfies’ being such a current marketing point, its not surprising to know that the front facing camera is a whopping 8-megapixels, the same as the iPhone 6’s main camera.

Think that’s impressive? Well the main camera is 20-megapixels. Money aside, this is some smart tech it must be said. But that’s not it, the internal quad-core Qualcomm 801 processor delivers 3GB of RAM, plenty fast enough to check the delivery tracker of your new home cinema system, whilst posting pictures of recent yacht trips on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In addition to these standout stats the 88 Tauri will also boast the latest Android software- KitKat 4.4 and comes fitted in smart attire to ensure it fits the luxury part that it undoubtedly has to live up to. Buyers can choose between gold, silver or plain steel as well as Black, Blue, Red, Orange or Brown hand-embroidered leather.

As for the overall looks of this rather exotic device, I’m undecided. The back looks great, really classy and finished with great finesse with its leather stitching and steel showings in all the right places. The original Lamborghini badge holding centre point, just in case you’d forgotten what you’d spent $6,000 on. On the other hand, the front is just rather obnoxious and shows the same qualities of cheap branded phones in places like Asia (aside from the gold steel, of course.) with strange shaped edges and a rather ordinary 5 inch screen.

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