A Guide To Choosing A Van For Your Business

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Vans are inherently useful to almost every type of business, particularly for companies who wish to offer delivery. Many local businesses are finding the best way to match the ecommerce boom is to provide free delivery to their customers; if you’ve decided to do the same, then a van is certainly the right choice for the job.

However, making the decision to purchase a van for your company is the easiest part of the process – now, you actually have to buy one. Buying a van can be a challenging process if you have previously only ever purchased standard cars intended for domestic use, but it is manageable, especially if you keep the following points in mind…

1) Avoid the temptation of used vans

Used vans are a great way to save on the purchasing cost of your van, but they do have significant downsides – you don’t know their history, and they may have superficial dents and damage that will not reflect well on your overall business’ presentation. If you have the funds to do so, opting for a brand new van is usually the best choice; you’ll know the van’s complete history, and the van will be ready to use from the moment you drive away from the dealership.

2) Consider the miles-per-gallon

Miles-per-gallon (most commonly abbreviated to MPG) is a consideration most of us are familiar with in regards to domestic vehicles, but it’s also important to factor this in when purchasing a van. Often, it’s tempting to assume that all vans have a poor MPG and that crunching the numbers for each specific model isn’t particularly beneficial. Admittedly, there’s some truth to this perception; vans, by and large, will usually have a relatively poor MPG due to their size and weight, but it’s still worth calculating the MPG for every model in your price bracket. Given that running the van is going to be an expense your business continually has to pay, even a single mile more or less to a gallon of gas has the potential to really add up.

3) Be cautious of less-familiar manufacturers

If a van is being used for commercial purposes, it’s going to be worked hard – which means it is inevitable that, at some point, you will find yourself facing a repair. When this happens, you’ll usually find it far quicker and simpler to source replacement parts for common models of van, such as the ever-popular Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. While some, more obscure van manufacturers may be tempting in terms of upfront price, sourcing parts for lesser-known models can be a nightmare, whereas, with the likes of Warner Vans of Utah, Sprinter van parts are readily available. By ensuring you can quickly purchase parts and complete repairs, you can be sure your van is on the roads, working to bolster your business, as often as possible.

In conclusion

With the factors above in mind, you should be able to find a van that is suitable for your business’ needs both now and in the future. Good luck!

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