A Long Road: Reasons Why Driving Is More Stressful Now


Have you been thinking for a while that driving is just not fun anymore? We’ve all had those journeys that just seem to take forever, and we can be on the verge of snapping. But we’ve got to dig deeper into this, and pose the question, is driving really more stressful now?

The Rate Of Accidents

As there are so many law firms dedicated to defending people having undergone the trauma of a car accident, it’s hardly a surprise that car accidents are on the increase. But if you want to delve deep into the reasons why, when you look at crash specialists like the Hadley Law Firm, it seems that the culprits are the obvious ones. Distracted driving, predominantly arising from increased mobile phone usage, is still one of the biggest problems. And with the increase of mobile phones, this means that more people are willing to risk driving distracted to answer that telephone call. It also seems that drink-driving hasn’t gone away either; people are still willing to dice with death on a regular basis!

The Lack Of Control

There’s more construction firms fixing up the roads and nearby buildings, and with the increase of potholes, additional accidents on our daily commute, as well as that stress that we’re going to be late for work, it’s hardly a surprise that we don’t feel we’re in control of our lives anymore. As the increase of cars on the roads means that there’s that many more accidents and obstacles between us and our daily activities, that feeling that we’re not in control of our lives can turn us into bad-tempered drivers. And when we don’t feel in control, we get stressed. A car used to be a way to get more freedom, but it could be argued that public transport is allowing us more freedom than ever. Spending time stuck in a traffic jam for hours on end while the bus lane is relatively empty can feel like a kick in the teeth.

The Increased Level Of Commuting

It takes that much more time to get anywhere now. Not just because of the obvious things like traffic jams, but because there’s more infrastructure being put in place, and the pressure we put it on ourselves to get to work on time, we can feel that all we do is commute! And even if we try to make it easy on ourselves by catching a train for part of the journey, we’re adding that much more time onto our day, that it all feels futile. So what is the answer to all this? Is it about getting rid of the car completely, or is it about looking at our own lives and seeing if we’re just placing too much importance on using our car to get from A to B? Most people need a car, but now, when we look at things like remote working, it’s taking the stress out of the biggest problem involved in driving. That dreaded commute needs minimizing in whatever way possible.

Improving Office Morale

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