The Addiction Epidemic: What Can Be Done?

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We live in a modern world; a world where there are cures for almost all diseases. It’s a place where we can love and date whoever we want to, a place where we are all equals. And yet, with all the changes the world has gone through over the past few decades, drug addiction is still a serious problem in many communities.

Internationally, 208 million people use illicit drugs on a regular basis. While the most commonly used illicit drug is marijuana, the use of hard drugs like heroin and cocaine is rising rapidly. An estimated one out of every three adults uses drugs or has done in the past. Studies have also revealed that the majority of these users are young adults, aged between 16 and 24 years old. On the whole, drug use is higher for young people than any other age bracket.

The world is in an addiction epidemic, with more and more people trying drugs each year. The question that needs to be addressed is what can be done to change the amount of illicit drug going on in the world?

Education about the impacts of drugs is crucial

Most schools teach children about the different drugs there are and what the impacts of using them can be. However, the way in which most schools teach children about drugs aren’t effective. As many young people are putting themselves at risk by using drugs on a regular basis.

Young people like to try new things, which is why the majority of drug users tend to be young adults. However, trying drugs can be dangerous for many reasons. It can lead to addiction. It can cause irreversible damage. Drugs can impact their lives in ways they could never imagine, especially hard drugs like cocaine.

To prevent young people trying drugs and putting themselves at risk, a better education system regarding drugs should be in place. There shouldn’t just be the odd lesson or two; there should be in-depth studies into the impacts of using drugs for extended periods. There should be exams that cover drug use. Young people should learn about every aspect of drug use, not just have a quick lesson on them.

Dealing with addiction in the right way is important

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In terms of beating drug addiction, the way that it’s dealt with is essential to get right. The treatment methods in place aren’t always effective for a number of reasons, and so, we should be trialing new ones.

In recent years, the power of the Tabernanthe iboga plant and it’s roots to help drug addiction has come to light. This plant creates something called ‘ibogaine’ which can be used to relieve the symptoms of withdrawal from drugs. To get a better understanding of what is ibogaine, do you research and have a browse online – there’s plenty of information.

As well as trialing new treatment options, it could also be worth considering legalization. There are plenty of arguments about the pros and cons of this option. However, by legalizing drug use, it would be easier to help those in need to overcome their addiction. It would also be easier to control who could and couldn’t get their hands on drugs.

Drug addiction has reached a new high, with more and more people opting to use them. Beating addiction won’t be easy, but it is doable, it’s just a case of implementing the right methods.

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