In the Age of AI and Bots — Why Call Centres Still Matters?

The customer service landscape has always been an integral part of businesses, no matter the industry they are in, as they all have to deal with customers at some point. Developments in communication – such as mobile phones and the Internet, have made it so that customer service is more accessible than ever before in the past decade, to the convenience of both the business and customers.

In this age, the customer service landscape is undergoing a significant development due to the rise of Artificial Intelligence and chatbots, which are now being integrated into the system. They carry with them several promising benefits that many businesses cannot help but be tempted to use them, but things are not as they seem.

Despite AI and chatbots being on trend nowadays, many are frustrated on how they actually work and how they impact the businesses’ operations and budget, as well as the quality of service they put out. Customers complain of confusing services and answers, which is why some still prefer talking to a human customer service representative than a chatbot, especially when their inquiry is more specific than the AI’s programmed answers.

In this respect, it seems that call centers are still growing strong in the field of customer service. Find out why with this infographic by Global Outsourcing AU.

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