Amazing Science Breakthroughs You May Have Missed This Year


It’s only August, but there have been a plethora of scientific breakthroughs this year already. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t feel good news stories which warm the heart. After all, it is never nice to hear that Bird Flu is back in Asia and potentially as dangerous as 2004, or that antibiotic-resistant bacteria exist. However, among the bad and the even worse, there have been breakthroughs which are not only astounding but positive. So, if you missed them, here is a recap. These are the amazing and positive scientific discoveries of the year.

Male Infertility Treatment

Nearly four million new babies are born a year, and almost 70,000 of them are down to IVF treatment. Although this is good news, the bad news is that 1 to 2% of births are because of infertility. So, even though 70,000 is a high number, it potentially pales in comparison to the number of people who couldn’t conceive. Plus, the cost of IVF is on the rise, which is exclusive. Thankfully, scientists from Qatar University have worked out how to beat a defective gene in sperm. Experts have been able to target the C zeta protein and increase the quantities boosting the chances of fertilization.

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation

Simply put, this is the process of analyzing the interaction between proteins and DNA in cells. For those of you who don’t know, this could lead to more vaccinations and possible immunizations. Why? It’s because once scientists know why the cell reacts a certain way, they can understand how to adapt it to prevent the contraction of diseases. In the past, the research wasn’t high on the list of most people’s worries, even though it is obviously important. But, that isn’t the case any longer with Chip-Seq technology. In layman’s terms, the tech allows reproducible genome identification and DNA modifications.

The Miracle Of The Ozone Layer

The Ozone Layer is a thin sheet of gas which protects the earth from the sun’s rays. Since 2000, experts have been issuing warnings to say the gas is on the decline and will dissipate. For years now, countries and governments have been trying to stem the tide of global warming for this reason, resulting in the Paris Accords. As it turns out, the move is working because the Ozone Layer is healing. Since 2000, it has shrunk by more than 1 million square miles and should be whole again by 2050.

Giant Pandas No Longer Endangered

Although cute and cuddly, there were people who thought the Giant Panda was making a rod for its own back. After all, the fact that they were not willing to mate to secure their survival was beyond belief to a lot of people. The good news is that the pandas have decided to reconcile and give it another go as they are no longer endangered. According to the stats, the number of pandas in the wild has risen by 17% since 2007. A special mention also needs to go to conservation efforts in China.

As you can see, it isn’t all bad news in the world of science.

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