Amazing Things You Don’t Know About Your Dog


Dogs are absolutely incredible creatures. It can tell you a lot about a person if they say they don’t like them – always be suspicious of a person who doesn’t like dogs. Dogs are better than most people! They are loyal, caring, and want to make us happy. However, there are some amazing things you may not have realized about your dog.

Read on to find out how amazing dogs really are!

Dogs Have The Intelligence Of A Toddler

A dog’s intelligence can vary from breed to breed. However, many dogs have the intelligence of a toddler. Their brain capacity shows to be the same as a two year old child, or there about. They can count, understand around 150 words, and can even play tricks on people to make sure they get a treat. Border Collies are thought to be the smartest, but all dogs have different personalities and traits that make them special.

Your Dog Can Smell Things You Can Only Dream Of

The “smell” center of a dog’s brain is 40 times larger than yours. They have millions more smell receptors, and this means they can smell things that you could only dream of! This is why they make such great sniffer dogs and protection dogs, like those found on Man K-9. Their sense of smell is definitely one of the most incredible things about them. Humans often forget that dogs don’t experience the world in the same way that we do.

Your Dog Dreams

You’ve definitely spotted your dog twitching in their sleep before – this means they are dreaming. However, it has been proven that they have similar brain activity to humans. Apparently, small breeds dream more than large ones, too. Experts believe they are likely doing things they do in their normal day to day lives, like playing or on a walk. They may even dream about you – after all, you’re the most important thing to them.

Dogs Have A Very Strong Intuition

67% of dog owners report that their dog had a strong intuition. They may act strangely before a storm, like finding a hiding place or acting erratically. Some people say dogs can even sense illnesses. Let’s not forget all of the great stories about dogs saving their owner’s lives, either.

Dogs Have A Built In Cup

It may look like your dog isn’t having much to drink, but they aren’t just lapping up that water willy nilly. They are actually forming a cup shape with their tongue while they drink!

Guide Dogs Can Poo On Command

If you train your dog just right, then you’ll be able to get them to poo on command, like guide dogs.

Dog Urine Will Melt Away Metal

Too much dog urine will corrode any metal object. Several lampposts in Croatia have collapsed in the past because so many dogs peed on them.

Small Dogs Have Always Been In Fashion

Turns out women who carried dogs in their handbags weren’t the first to have that sort of idea.

Some species of Pekingese were specially bred so that they could be carried around inside a woman’s sleeve.

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