The Amazing Ways Universities Have Changed Through Time

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People have been attending university for hundreds of years. As they have grown and spread, they have changed a lot. What was once just a handle of institutions for a privileged few men are now available all over the world for all kinds of people. Access to higher education still isn’t completely equal, but it’s more open than it has ever been before. A lot more has changed about universities and colleges over time. It’s interesting to note how they’re different today, and how students’ experiences differ from what they might have been in the past.

There’s More Choice

One big difference you can see when comparing the higher education institutions of today with the past is that there’s a lot more choice. People have more to choose from both regarding their selection of college and the subjects they want to study. Places to learn range from community colleges to private universities. Once upon a time, subjects would have been limited to things like physics, history or literature. Now there are many more topics to learn about, from gender studies to climate science. Anyone can find the right place and the right subject for them to continue their education and improve their career options.

It’s More Expensive

Not all the changes in higher education have been good. Another major difference is that college is more expensive than it used to be, and getting more costly all the time. Since the 1970s, the cost of college tuition has risen at much faster rates than the rate of inflation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In fact, between 2001 and 2010, the cost of a university education rose from 23% to 38% of the median annual income. So, although there are no longer official bans on anyone attending college, the cost does make it more difficult for people from many backgrounds.

There’s More Tech for Staff and Students

Perhaps one of the reasons college is now more expensive is that the use of technology has grown a lot. Of course, employing new tech is a positive thing in education. PeopleSoft is changing universities with its campus solutions, which help to improve communication and organization within institutions. Technology can make it easier for professors to give visual lectures, allows for the opportunity to give online courses, and can also make college more accessible to people with disabilities.

Some Colleges Are Online Now

Universities have begun to offer online study options, and some colleges are now entirely (or almost entirely) online. Only 20 or so years ago, this wouldn’t have been possible. But now many more people can have access to higher education and study in their own time with the online options available to them. It’s possible to study entire degrees online, as well as gain diplomas, certificates, and other qualifications. The internet has made many things possible in higher education, including making it more accessible and more affordable.

Colleges have changed a lot since the very first ones were set up. They’re sure to continue to change too.

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