Why Americans Need Some Time Off Work

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Are you one of those people that struggle out of bed each morning wishing you didn’t have to go into work? Or maybe you’re the kind of person that just wants to get in and get the job done? We’re all different. Some of us are lucky enough to have jobs we love. Others are stuck in dead-end jobs they hate. Whether you love it or loathe it, though, chances are you’re thinking about the next time you can have some leave!


According to CNN, fewer of us are taking our full allocation of annual leave days. It seems that only 16 days per year are being taken on average, down from 20 days per year in 2000. There may be some very good reasons for this. More of us are taking on extra duties these days. The jobs need to be done, so we sacrifice our leave days to complete them. And there are fewer people in the workplace too. Less help means we each need to pick up the extra slack.


Of course, there may also be a little bit of guilt in there too. Sick days cost the US economy over $576 billion. Chances are, you might feel inclined to make that up with your leave allowance. But with so many of us genuinely suffering ailments ranging from insomnia to bad coughs and colds, it’s no wonder we need a day off here and there. With services like bestfakedoctorsnotes.net available online, it does seem easier to secure a sick day too.

So should you feel guilty for taking a day off? Psychologically speaking, you might be doing exactly what your mind needs. You could feel refreshed and ready to undertake the challenge of work. Some European countries work very flexible hours. This means the work-life balance can be customized to suit the individual employee. Paris and The Netherlands clock up just thirty hours or fewer hours of work each week. And The Netherlands is also known as one of the least stressed nations on the planet.


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Stress, boredom, and tiredness can all drastically hamper your productivity. So should bosses be more mindful of their employee’s emotional needs at work? Or is it down to the employee to measure the best course of action with regards to taking leave or sick days? Long-term sick leave is something you could be risking if you don’t take good care of your physical and mental health. Is it worth pushing through, or should you take a day?


Hard work aside, spending time with your colleagues can actually be better for your well-being than sitting around at home alone. Of course, the odd day off for a romantic rendezvous, or to celebrate a birthday is certainly more fun than being sat in the office. Striking the right balance, or a work-life balance is important. After all, health concerns are expensive to rectify, both for the employer and the employee. Should you take a day off? If you need it, chances are your productivity will improve after the break.


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