What Are America’s Most Common Personal Injury Cases?

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Hundreds of thousands of personal injury claims are filed in the US every year, and this figure isn’t expected to diminish. The purpose of these claims is to get compensation for people who are harmed by the negligence of other parties. Compensation can be for physical or psychological injuries, as well as monetary damages. From dog bites to paralysing injuries, there are countless reasons why someone would file one of these claims. Here are a few of the most common ones.

First of all, car accidents. There are about six million car accidents in the states every year, and many of them are the cause of someone’s negligence. Common causes include distracted drivers, road maintenance negligence, and poor driving conditions which could have been prevented. Many people who suffer an injury in a car accident are entitled to compensation. Anyone looking to pursue this kind of claim needs to see a doctor immediately, even if the injuries are fairly minor. You could have suffered internal injuries which won’t be apparent straight away, possibly due to shock. It’s also a good idea to contact a law firm specializing in personal injury cases such as this one: http://ankinlaw.com/ .


Possibly the most common personal injury claims in the country are related to workplace injuries. When someone has a preventable injury at work or develops some kind of medical condition related to the place they work in, the business’s insurance usually pounces to make a quick settlement. However, these settlements are often way below what the injured party is entitled to, and it’s usually a smart move to pursue an employee’s compensation claim. Your employer is legally obliged to provide a healthy and safe working environment for everyone who works for them, and can easily be held accountable with the right legal support. As with an auto accident, you’ll have certain responsibilities which you need to understand for a successful claim. Seeing a doctor immediately after, and getting all the necessary medical documentation relating to your injury are the first two steps.

Finally, product liability. You may not have thought it, but defective or otherwise dangerous products cause thousands of injuries a year. Some of the most common are hairdryers which overheat and burn the users, or DIY equipment which doesn’t have adequate safety warnings. These days, product liability claims have even expanded to various apps, as seen here: http://www.lexology.com/ . If these malfunctioning or improperly labelled products end up harming someone, then legal action can be taken against the manufacturers or distributors. Again, medical proof of the injury should be secured. However, these kinds of claims are fairly unique in the way they place the burden of proof on the defendant, rather than you, the prosecutor. The work you and your attorney have to do to prove that the manufacturer was negligent is minimal. The case will hinge mostly on the manufacturer proving that they weren’t being negligent.

Whether you’re wondering if you can make a personal injury claim or you’re just curious about this area of law, I hope this post has helped!

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