Apple Is Allegedly Planning To Make Voicemail Far More Bearable

Voicemail: It’s something that everyone has, and something that many seem to hate. Many find the concept of voicemail bothersome, especially in a world where you can simply send a text message to someone who wasn’t able to answer the phone. However, according to Business Insider, Apple has a plan that some claim will put an end to voicemail, or at least, make it more desirable for iPhone users.

The idea is, Siri, the virtual assistant that was introduced with the iPhone 4s a couple of years ago, would transcribe the messages to text, eliminating the need to check your voicemail, and go through the process of listening to someone telling you to call them back.

The idea, however promising, isn’t all that new. Service providers offer this service, and will send you a poorly transcribed version of the voicemail you received via text message. The emphasis on “poorly” should be noted, as this could be Apple’s way to shine above and beyond a service that already exists. Currently, the service providers that do offer this service offer it at a fee, which should come to no one as a surprise. Nothing any service provider does is free; they’ll gladly find anyway to charge you extra for something. A free, accurate voicemail transcribing service built into Siri actually sounds pretty good. It’s a far cry from being the voicemail killer as some may call it, but its most certainly could eliminate the need to go through the process of listening to voicemails.

Or, maybe you could just convince everyone that calls your phone to hang up if you don’t answer, and to send a text message. That might make life easier, at least among your friends. There will, however, always be a need for voicemail when it comes to certain callers.

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