Apple Rumors

Well here is a brief article about Apple and their next Devices. Remember, though, that while these are good rumors they’re still just that: rumors.

First Rumor: Is iPhone 5S May have 3 colors! Whoa seriously? This would be Awesome, no more black and white. Would You want a iPhone that is unique? I would, so which color would you want on your iPhone?
Maybe a light blue, red, or even neon green!

Second Rumor: The Apple iPad 5 will have the A6X processor, meaning that they won’t be upgrading. Why? Well it’s been said that the A7 Processor will be in development during the first half of 2014. Don’t get me wrong the A6X is a great processor, maybe even overkill, but for a new device I would like all things new…including internal hardware, I guess the A6X will have to do.

Third Rumor: That Samsung Won’t be a part of the new iPad 5. I wonder why; maybe it has something to do with a big room with a lot of yelling and a judge?

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