Are Pedestrians A Greater Risk Than Other Cars?

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Not too long ago, I wrote a piece on auto accidents. The focus was on comparing motorbikes and cars, to see which caused more accidents. Today, I’m back with a bit of a follow-up article. I’ll be looking at what poses a bigger risk on the roads; pedestrians or other cars.

We all know that other cars can present a big risk to us. You can drive as safely as you want, but, you can’t control how others drive. Likewise, you have no control over what pedestrians do. Here are some arguments for both sides

Cars Can Damage You More

Firstly, a car can provide more damage to your vehicle. If you hit a pedestrian, they’re more at risk than you are. As a driver, there’s a greater risk of your car getting damaged if you hit another car. Plus, there’s a bigger risk of you and anyone in your car getting injured too. The sheer size of other cars makes them more of a risk than a small pedestrian.


It’s Harder To See A Pedestrian

One thing that can make pedestrians more of a risk is that they’re hard to see. It’s much easier to spot another car than it is to spot a small child. Plus, a pedestrian accident is more likely to happen during the night. Why is this? Because they don’t have lights like other cars do. So, this makes them even harder to see. Pedestrians don’t do enough to make themselves seen, especially in the night time. In my eyes, this is a good argument for them being more of a risk than cars.


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Cars Are Faster

Although cars are easier to see, they are much faster than pedestrians too. If a pedestrian steps onto the road, they move at a very slow pace. It gives you more of a chance to slam the brakes on and not hit them. But, if a car pulls out quickly, you have less time. The increased speed makes them more of a risk. Additionally, the fact they are faster means they can cause more potential accidents than a pedestrian. After all, statistics show that speeding is one of the main causes of autoaccidents .

Strictly speaking, pedestrians break more rules than other car drivers. A big example of this is with traffic lights. When a light is red, you will rarely see a car drive through it. They know the rules, and they have to stop to allow pedestrians cross. However, I’ve seen many people cross the road when traffic lights are green. This is when a pedestrian should stay and wait for the light to change. But, they’re impatient and take the risk. As a result, they cause fatal accidents. Like I said, other cars will very rarely take a risk and drive through a red traffic light.

Obviously, both of these things present risks to you. As for which is worst, well, that depends on the risk. If we’re talking about which one has the risk of causing you more harm, then cars are a clear winner. However, if we’re talking about which one has a greater risk of causing an accident, then pedestrians may just sneak in front.


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