Are There Precious Metals Hidden In Your Home?

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Jewellery may not be the only source of gold and silver in your home. Precious metals can sometimes be found in other everyday objects. Some of these could be worth selling if you’re looking for some quick cash. Here are just a few examples of precious metals found around the home.

Gold in old electronics

Gold can be found in many old electronics – large amounts of it were used on circuit boards and memory chips on old laptops and desktop computers. Old camcorders and VCR players also contain large amounts of gold in them. If you’re able to strip these electronic appliances and extract the gold, you may be able to make yourself a fair buck – sometimes as much as a couple hundred dollars. Alternatively, there are companies that you can sell your old electronics to for parts, however you’ll get less money in exchange.

Silver in your kitchen drawers

Silver cutlery can sell for a high price. Full sets of silverware are rare but sometimes people can have the odd item of cutlery in their drawer without knowing – possibly inherited from a parent. Silver plated flatware is the most popular and the least valuable (although it can fetch a great price that standard stainless steel cutlery). Full sterling silver cutlery is the most expensive and can fetch thousands.

Rhodium in your car’s catalytic converter

Technically found outside your home (unless you have a garage), your car’s catalytic converter could contain a mixture of valuable metals including rhodium, platinum and palladium. Rhodium is one of the rarest metals in the world and one of the most valuable to find in your catalytic converter. To help work out whether your catalytic converter is of value, it could be worth doing some research. This scrap catalytic converter price list can help you to pinpoint the value. Of course, you don’t want to remove this vital part from a working car (it is illegal to drive without one in most parts of the world), however if you’ve got a used vehicle that you’ve been wanting to get rid of, selling individual parts for scrap such as the catalytic converter could get you more money than selling the actual vehicle.

Platinum in old smoking accessories

Fancy lighters, cigar boxes and cigarette cases would often contain platinum. As smoking has become less popular, a growing number of people have been throwing these novelty items out of their home not realising that they can be very valuable. A platinum vintage lighter can often collect upwards of $50. Platinum may also be present in old high-quality pens and high-end golf accessories.

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