Are You Getting Free Wifi?

Is Getting Free Wifi Safe? And is it Legal?

Is it Completely Safe? Well No You are giving Your IP Address etc. to a Network that is open for anyone to connect to. So its a risk You will have to take. 
I have used a open Wifi network before and I admit I never had problems with using someone else’s wifi, but then again I know what to watch out for.
Is it Legal to Use someone’s Wifi?
Meaning off of another Persons Wifi Network Like Your neighbors. Well I know that using someone else’s Wifi is basically stealing, unless like from a business that offers Free Wifi. 
But then again Using someone’s open Wifi is there own fault for not securing it when they installed there Router etc. So is it Legal or Illegal when using a neighbors Wifi Connection? 
It is Illegal, Why because its almost like walking into someone’s house who’s door is unlocked. You may get there permission, but its still never completely legal or safe.
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