Asian Dating Advice – Tips & Tricks

Let’s get something straight – no matter what you may have heard, dating is not easy. Even if you employ the most elaborate tricks and tactics, nobody can guarantee that you’ll be successful in your endeavors by any means. That’s why it’s important to understand, whether you’re trying to charm that girl you’ve been watching for a while or you’ve been browsing cougar dating sites in search of true love, there’s really no telling what can happen next at any moment.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t certain things that work on most people. Some things work better with men, other are more successful when it comes to women, but there’s still a good chance that using a certain trick or following a tip can result in something good rather than something bad. In that name, here are some tips and tricks on Asian dating that should help you step your game up.

Not all Asians are the same

No, we’re not talking about that ridiculous racial stereotype which implies all Asians (especially of Chinese nationality) look the same. We’re actually talking about each person having their own set of interests, likes, dislikes, preferences, and so on.

Not all people are created the same, which is why we have so much variety in modern society. Some like pop music, others prefer romantic comedies, some are looking for a casual relationship, others want to have at least three kids in the future… You get the picture.

This also applies to Asian people, because why wouldn’t it? First things first – they don’t all come from the same country, which means they’re not all raised in the same way, just like Caucasians, for example. Once you dive into Asian dating, be prepared to meet all kinds of different people.

Family is Important

When it comes to dating an Asian, one of many implied rules is that their family will play a huge role in your relationship. Marriage, for instance, is usually considered a family affair in many Asian cultures, so you’ll be wise to expect that your partner’s family will have a say in more than one matter related to your relationship.

Furthermore, you should also make sure that you pay a lot of respect to your partner’s family. Most Asian families are known to ask someone who’s dating one of their own to first meet the family and state his or her intentions before things start to get too serious, so don’t be surprised when this moment comes.

Honor Above All Else

Although we’ve already established that each Asian person is different from the next, some qualities, however, can be found in 99% of individuals with an Asian heritage.

For starters, honor is very valued in Asian culture, as is respect. For that reason, you should always enter a relationship with utmost courtesy and with a lot of respect for your partner (as well as their family) in order to get respected back. It’s a way of life for them and many will argue it should be a way of life for everyone.

Transmitting Your Message Clearly

Not only are you most likely going to be asked to state your intentions to your potential partner’s family, but you should also make sure that both you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to the future of the relationship.

There are situations in which one partner doesn’t want anything serious while the other expects to get married and have kids in the near future. We don’t have to explain why this can be a problem, right? You don’t want to waste neither yours nor your partner’s time, so try to see if you two have a common goal before things get serious and someone gets hurt.

Honesty is Key

Now that we’ve mentioned “making your intentions clear” a couple of times, we can freely move to what may be the most important factor to dating anyone, Asians included – honesty.

Lying or holding back information about yourself, your past and your expectation for the future can seriously damage your chances at dating or marrying an Asian. Being honest should be everyone’s #1 priority in life, so just in case, do some soul searching and figure out if you can be completely honest with your future partner – because if you can’t, you probably won’t have a healthy relationship anytime soon.



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