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As a driver, you may already be aware of the minefield of websites there are out there telling you all about your car choices, how to manage in accidents and where you can get the best information on managing after an accident. There’s not much information out there when it comes to driving in the cold weather. With the wet, windy and frosty months approaching rapidly, you have to be more vigilant and aware of how the way you drive and even the way you run your car can be affected. If you’re well-versed on driving in cold temperatures, then you may already know how to stay more awake on the road.

We, as people, get to sit inside and enjoy cosy evenings when there’s a snowstorm blowing outside. Unfortunately, unless you have a driveway, your car is going to suffer more than you will! The cold weather doesn’t just affect how carefully you drive, but the car itself. Accidents are more prevalent in the cold weather; slippery conditions can have that effect, and when you’re looking to keep car costs low, driving carefully is an absolute must. It’s all well and good to find a cheap car insurance quote and compare instantly, but if you have had a few accidents due to the cold weather you may be hard pushed to find cheaper insurance. We’ve got the skinny on how your car is going to be affected as the winter months hit, and how you can deal with it!

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Car Battery

When you are sitting in a hot car and start to feel sleepy and lethargic, you open the window and crank up the music to keep yourself awake. Your car battery, much like you, gets affected by dramatic changes in temperature. The chemical reactions in a battery differ in the cold, and you need to not put too much pressure on your car so that it can start when you want it to. Make sure you give your car and yourself plenty of time to get warmed up before heading off somewhere. Give your insurance policy a glance so that you can ensure you are covered with breakdown assistance, just so that you can be helped if something goes wrong on the road.


Have you noticed that most major roads are covered in grit in advance of ice or snow forecasted? Grit is salt-based, and if you hadn’t heard it’s not the best thing for your car and can cause rusting. It’s great for the roads and the safety of those driving on them, but it’s not so good for your vehicle. The best thing you can do is to ensure you bring your car to a local garage regularly enough to check for early corrosion and treat the rust as it’s needed.


You should always have a spare tyre in the back of your car, but if you don’t it’s time to get yourself set up! Did you know that the pressure in your tyres will drop in the colder weather? You should be checking it regularly anyway, but if you haven’t and you start notice that the handling of your car changes, you need to get it sorted as soon as possible. The tyres being underinflated can mean that you are using more fuel, more energy and draining your car battery as your car works harder to run. If you don’t know how to change the tyre of your car, then check out this video to help you.


Rain, hail, snow and frost are all dangerous on the road, and for your windscreen, it’s the worst combination. Chips and cracks that appear in the corners of a windscreen due to hail are often overlooked, but can be so dangerous on the move. These cracks will invite moisture into your windscreen and the tiniest issue that you think is no big deal will be the one that leads to you needing a full replacement.

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When it comes to helping your car through the winter months, you need to pay attention to how frequently you wash and service your car. You also should be checking the tyre pressure on a regular basis and changing them over where you can. If you have a garage that you use for storage, it’s time to empty out and use it for its intended purpose; sheltering your car! Stay vigilant about the health of your car and you can ensure that you are safe on the road all year round.

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