Behind The Figures: Why Does Depression Continue To Rise?

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There are many health concerns which affect the common U.S. citizen. But perhaps the most alarming is depression. All kinds of things can lead to this mental disorder, including obesity, stress, and unemployment. It also seems to be rising fast, with 1 in 10 Americans being affected by depression.


Perhaps what’s more concerning is the fact that 80% of those diagnosed with depression aren’t getting the treatment they need! But why are so many people becoming inflicted? And why isn’t it being treated properly? It seems that many things in our culture are contributing to the depression epidemic.


Failure Of Treatment


There has been an increase in the prescription of antidepressants, but it hasn’t helped everyone. According to studies and statistics, it appears that treatment isn’t going to those in need. Those who lack the funds for medication are often most at risk. Their poor financial situation exacerbates depression, but they can’t afford the treatment. It becomes a vicious cycle.


It’s essential that healthcare providers ensure patients are following medication compliance. Those who can’t afford to refill their prescriptions will often go without it. Many services are now partnering with healthcare providers to help underprivileged patients.


Depressed patients who are having problems paying for treatment should know there is help available for them. Many states have pharmaceutical assistance programs. Those suffering from depression and anxiety issues can often get disability benefits. These things can help them improve their mental state and get back on their feet.


Contributing Causes


With depression rates rising, it has led to many questions as to what’s causing it. Many health issues have been linked to depression. For instance, those with heart problems, sleep disorders, and obesity often also develop depression. But with more Americans being depressed now than 30 years ago, many people believe our society breeds depression.


New technology may be partly to blame. Studies have shown a link between depression and the overuse of social media. Some people argue that it causes people to compare themselves to others, worsening their insecurities. Many teenagers are also open to cyberbullying through social media, which can worsen their mental state.


Financial issues may also be to blame. People often develop depression over the build-up of debts from education and other financial matters. Birth control pills can also cause depression as a side effect. Many people also believe that people are too overworked in today’s society, causing them more stress.


Beyond The Figures


Many statistics have shown a rise in the diagnosis of depression. But what’s concerning is there may be many more individuals who haven’t been diagnosed. Some people may be scared to see someone about their mental health issues due to negative stigma.


Arguably, many people shun getting professional help and self-diagnose instead. People in poor mental states can often turn to alcoholism and drug abuse. These things only exacerbate their problems further.


There may be a need for more education on depression. Especially with rates in teens rising, people should be made aware of the signs and how to counteract them. A society that’s more accepting of dealing with these issues is a more productive one.

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