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If you are concerned for your safety while using the internet, and you have never thought about VPN, now may be the time to start using it! VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. It is a service that provides a secure Internet connection by using a private network at certain remote locations. When someone uses VPN, his or her computer first directly connects to the several different computers across the globe in order to deceive trace of the original computer and its location. In this way, high security when surfing is ensured, with a very little chance that anyone can spy on you. VPN application is essentially a tool that easily allows users to use its service. The location on smartphones can be deceived manually so users could download apps that are not available in their region. VPN applications are getting better lately, and most importantly, some have become quite affordable! Good VPN applications must be paid. We know that Android users are not used to paying for apps, however, in these circumstances the payment would be a recommendable option. Here are the best VPN applications and ways how they can help you.


An application that is very simple to use, and you are one click away from connecting to the VPN. It has unlimited bandwidth and unlimited free trial time, it protects your privacy and prevents tracking by third parties. It is also a useful application when you travel to a country that has banned access to certain web sites and social networks because it unblocks those geographically restricted websites. It does not require any registration or settings during connection and does not require root access.


It represents the best free and unlimited vpn tunnel for Android and apps with worldwide free vpn proxy at any time. It does not require username, password or registration. It brings a high speed and encrypted VPN connection to your smartphone or tablet, bypasses location restrictions, internet filters and censorship at super high speed and secures your internet connection under WiFi hotspot. Enjoy multiple proxy server to bypass the blocked websites and apps as if you were in another country and it lets you enjoy private browsing.


This is the application that enables free Internet and secure your data. ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN for Android. ExpressVPN is ultra secure and 1-click simple. ExpressVPN for Android is free, provides an encrypted and fast connection and it is easy to set up for your Android phone or tablet. With this application, you can change your IP address to any location around the world, unblock georestricted content and watch your favorite videos online from anywhere or encrypt your Internet connection to prevent third parties from snooping or tampering with your traffic. It is interesting that this application enables the round-the-clock customer support via email or live chat, an excellent referral program – for each friend you refer, both of you get 30 days freetrial, and you also have 30-day money-back guarantee.

Betternet Free VPN Proxy App

Betternet VPN is a free and unlimited VPN proxy application for Android devices that does not require registration. Now you can access social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Snapchat, or other blocked websites from anywhere, by bypassing government censorship and the Geo-restrictions. By using a VPN, your IP and location will be changed and your activities can no longer be tracked on the Internet. Betternet VPN service is your privacy guard, better than web proxy servers. While you’re connected to public WiFi hotspots or phone data networks, your Android device’s connection is secured. It works just like a free proxy but it’s even more secured. Your password and your personal data are secured and you are protected from hacker attacks. It detects your location and automatically connects you to the nearest and fastest server.


Amaze VPN is the most trusted security, privacy and access platform with top performance on speed, stability and security. Amaze VPN gives you true online freedom, bypassing geo-restrictions and accessing the world’s content from anywhere, with just one tap. It brings a high-speed and encrypted VPN connection to your smartphone. It is an application that gives you simple access to your favorite content, protects you against hackers or online trackers when using a open WiFi hotspot, allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet, changes your IP address and unblocks games or videos everywhere. You only need to enjoy true online freedom it provides.

As you can see, there are many application you can use to make sure that your Android device is secured and enabled to perform wherever you are. Also, the prices of the above mentioned apps are nothing in comparison to the posisibilities they provide you. Secure yourself on time, get VPN now.

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