The Best Cold Brew Coffee In a Can

If you are like me and consume 3+ cups of coffee a day but would like to stay away from the steaming hot coffee that makes you sweat in the hot summer sun, then High Brew coffee is the best choice! When I’m out driving for a few hours and want coffee but don’t want hot coffee my first choice is High Brew coffee in a can, why you ask? Below you will find some information on how High Brew coffee is made and why I think it’s the best Cold Brew coffee out there!


David and Elizabeth Smith sold there company that they spent years building and then embarked on the trip of a lifetime aboard a catamaran sailboat throughout the Caribbean to fulfill a life-long dream. But the need to stay alert through warm nights brought them to cold-brewed coffee and they realized they had another great idea on their hands: an ice-cold, premium coffee that could be convenient and portable.


High Brew Coffee selects their beans from Central and South America, after that a light medium roast is applied to the beans which releases and enhances the flavor of the bean. The soaking is where its at, after the beans have been grounded they are soaked in filtered water at ambient room temperature for hours which gives you a smoother, sweeter taste and not a burnt or bitter taste. The filtration process is also something to mention as it provides a less acidic coffee and more of a delicious natural antioxidant rich taste!


The Flavors

What I like the most is the Cold-brewing of Fair Trade coffee beans over time and not using heat, which provides for the pure, smooth flavor of High Brew with none of the acidity of your average joe. Their lightweight cans are palm-sized, made for you to grab and go, and did I mention the flavor choice! Now, when it comes to coffee we want quality and we want it available just about all the time so instead of driving around your local stores here is a amazon link to try out High Brew Coffee!





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