Blackberry Seeks Success with the Classic

Blackberry Seek Success With the Classic

America’s largest carriers have been reported to confirm that the new Blackberry smartphone will be part of their roster. Such carriers as AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless are reported to wait until the new year begins, although it can now be purchased on Amazon. This proves that despite its biggest decline in the past few years, Blackberry has been able to climb back up the ladder and keep up with the world’s ever-growing technological needs.

As most smartphones in the market offer, a larger capacity to store media and files has not been forgotten by the new Blackberry Classic. With a RAM of 2GB and a flash memory of 16GB, the Blackberry Classic allows you to store all of your content in one place. 16GB not enough? No problem. Expandable memory via hot-swappable microSD memory card will allow you to expand your memory to up to 128GB in the convenience of having only one device.

Blackberry was reported to have lost over $100 million dollars of revenue in the third quarter of this year alone. That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any effort on their part to recover. Before this year ended, in hopes to take the world back, Blackberry has launched its newest phone, ‘The Classic.’

Gone are the days when Blackberry is considered ancient – the newest addition to the Blackberry family defies the old Blackberry stereotype. Streaming your favourite online content now becomes 3 times faster with the new Blackberry 10 web browser.

In another attempt to recover their losses in revenue, Blackberry maintains the market they have since sought after – the professionals. ‘The Classic’ boasts of its revolutionized performance and power all wrapped in specifications designed to meet and exceed the needs of the professionals of this new age.

In this era of technology, smartphones have been emerging left and right, with features designed to accommodate the needs of every consumer. With so many choices, how does one come down to a decision of which smartphone to choose?

Not too long ago, Blackberry was one of the largest phone companies in the world. I remember when everyone was raving about BBM and wanting to get their hands on the latest Blackberry model. Its fate however changed drastically when it lost support from major carriers, and this could have been attributed to the rise of Apple and Samsung models.

One of the eye-catching features of the new Blackberry Classic is Blackberry Blend, a software that allows the smartphone to link itself to a computer and tablet. That’s flawless access to your messages and other contents from your computer, not to mention getting instant notifications on either your tablet or your computer when your smartphone isn’t at reach. Talk about convenience at your fingertips – literally!

Perhaps one of the reasons Blackberry’s market opted towards the direction of Apple and Samsung is its lack of applications. Consumers are now constantly downloading apps that make their tasks easier, or make waiting for anything a lot less boring. The Blackberry Classic now offers the best business and productivity apps in the market – making it the perfect choice for professionals. In addition to that, Android apps and games are now readily accessible as well – that’s including popular apps like Kindle, Candy Crush saga, Pinterest, among others. With a wider array of work and play apps to choose from, who’s to say Blackberry hasn’t kept up with the latest smartphones?

When Blackberry launched its first model in 1999, wireless access to emails gave businessmen and professionals freedom to take care of business on-the-go. This revolutionary technological advancement has become a significant part of our history. It has since been unable to keep up with the new generation of smartphones, and have been left behind since other companies started competing for the market.

While most smartphones only offer a fraction of the battery life you need in your daily tasks, the new Blackberry Classic offers an astounding 22 hours of power. That means being able to fully utilize the features of the phone and allowing you to take care of your tasks anytime, anywhere. That means no longer asking where your smartphone is when you need it.

With its 3.5′ square touch display, Blackberry maintains its trademark 35-physical keyboard for easier access while you’re on-the-go. ‘The Classic’ comes fully equipped with its all new Blackberry OS 10 – the most powerful OS since the first Blackberry generations. The Blackberry OS 10 is designed to allow more speed and power with its ability to make full use of multiple processor cores. Now even bolder, it offers faster browsing, more battery life, a wider, bigger screen, the ability to download and utilize more applications and the freedom of storing more data than you thought possible. Lightweight, ‘The Classic’ weighs merely 178 grams.

This could be seen as one last chance for Blackberry. Though they’ve stated that they aren’t looking to rule the smartphone market, they are looking to grab the attention of their original, and loyal customers. But is it too late? The iPhone’s and Samsung’s of this world pretty much take care of everything we need (apart from battery life…), is there room in the cellphone market for Blackberry?

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