Boarding Houses vs. Condos Near Campus

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Having kids go to college triggers a myriad of life-changing decisions for the family. It starts with taking entrance exams in various schools and choosing a specific course and university. Then, there’s still the decision of whether the child will stay at home and commute to school every day or live on his own in a boarding house or dormitory near the campus.

Decades ago, student’s dorms and bed spacing were two of the options available. It was practical and economical but not necessarily the most conducive environment for those who want to complete their education. For students who live in the provinces, it’s a not-so-pleasant introduction to Manila, especially the University Belt. It has created the stereotype of cramped and seedy dormitories where young adults do not live in ideal situations.

Living and Studying in Katipunan

Katipunan is situated on the other side of the metropolis, away from congested Manila. It is here where a few of the top universities in the Philippines are located. The University of the Philippines, Miriam College, and Ateneo de Manila University. These have excellent reputations as learning institutions. They have produced top graduates who have made a name for themselves in business, medicine, education, and other areas of society.

Instead of staying in student dorms, more students are opting to stay in a condo near Ateneo Katipunan because of several things. Here are a few of them:

  1. Accessibility – College class schedules are no longer fixed. There are days when classes start very early and go on as late as 9 PM. In some instances, there are vacant periods that can stretch for hours. Having a condo nearby will let the student have plenty of time to study and rest in between classes. They can also be more productive if they have a private place to stay instead of wandering on campus or hitting the malls.
  1. Savings – It might not seem apparent at first, but living in a condo in the Katipunan area is not expensive. It saves parents allowance money. Instead of giving their children huge allowances for transportation and food, the money can be allotted for rent and buying groceries. The student can learn to cook or prepare simple meals for himself since the condos are near supermarkets and groceries. The fact that he or she only needs to walk to and from school also gives parents peace of mind that their child will not be on the road very late in the evening.
  1. Independence – Living by oneself, or with a group, if sharing a condo, is a good lesson on freedom and time management. There’s no Mom to ask where things are or depend on for home-cooked meals on-demand. A student must learn how to be an adult in the truest sense of the word. He must balance full-time student workload, handle house chores, manage a budget, and still have time to shop and cook to eat a decent meal. These are hard lessons that young adults must learn to make it in the real world.

A lot of parents are hesitant to let their children live on their own once they start college or go to university. However, it is one of the best things they can do to teach them how to be responsible and trustworthy. Among the available living arrangements, a condo is a more practical and safer option.

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