“Braille Kindle” for the Blind is Unveiled

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Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader has changed the way that millions of people read, making it easier than ever before to instantly buy and download books, but now another company, Dot Incorporation is set to steal their thunder by releasing the “Braille kindle” which will enable blind people to read electronically too.

Although the Amazon Kindle is great for convenience and pretty good in terms of its ability to change the font size for easier reading or to use Whispersync to turn regular books into audiobooks, it does not offer blind people the opportunity to actually read the words on the page for themselves. Dot Incorporation’s invention is different.

The Korean company recently unveiled the “Braille kindle” at COMEX 2018 which was held in Oman. It enables blind readers to read texts using Braille – the written language for the blind which is comprised of raised dots that can be touched by the fingertips, thus allowing the marks to be read.

Dot Incorporation wanted to help people with visual impairments all over the world to be able to read, which is why the Dot electromagnetic actuator which is so vital to their brand new e-reader device enables individuals to translate texts into no less than eight languages including English, Chinese, Arabic and Dutch amongst others.


The “Braille kindle”, it is hoped will eventually enable vision-impaired people across the globe to read books by their favorite authors. Fromm “We are Pirates” by Daniel Handler to Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, it is hoped that no book will be off limits to blind readers looking to read their books in digital formats. This will hopefully lead to much less discrimination in society and ensure that everyone can enjoy books in the best way for them.

As well as their new e-reader, Dot Incorporation have also invented a smartwatch for the vision-impaired, which also features eight language options and which enables blind people to receive text messages and WhatsApp correspondence in the Braille language, so that they do not have to miss out on the latest ways to communicate.

People Before Profits

Dot Incorporation has made it their mission, not to make huge profits, but to help people who are visually impaired all over the world to live the best possible lives they can with technology that is simple and sleek, rather than bulky and difficult to use like so much of the tech available elsewhere. They also aim to make their products more affordable than the average because they truly believe that anyone should be able to read or send texts to their loved ones no matter what their limitations might be.

It is estimated that there are approximately 285 million blind people in the world as we speak, so the inventions by Dot Incorporation could have a hugely beneficial effect on society as a whole. However, this will only happen if their products become widely available and it remains to be seen whether that will be the case, although since they are so well designed it seems very likely that they will.

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