Budget Weekend Break Ideas to Help You Unwind and Relax

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If you’ve had a rough weekend then you deserve to have some peace and relaxation. Of course, everyone can define relaxation in different ways, so it really depends on the type of person you are. Some people would prefer to jump on a plane and head out to another country, while some people are fine sitting at home and playing the latest video game releases on their console.

To help you out, we’ve managed to put together a fantastic list of budget weekend break ideas that will help you unwind and relax without requiring you to spend too much money.

Heading out for a cheap holiday

There are so many cheap holiday deals around nowadays that it’s possible to head out for a weekend break for the same price as an expensive dinner. Of course, you’ll need to pay for things like food and entertainment, but most travel agencies will offer some fantastic cheap deals that come with accommodation and travel bundled together. Before you go on a budget holiday, you may want to look at a couple of reviews to ensure that you’re not buying into a scam. There are many holiday horror stories that typically involve budget airlines and low-star hotels, so try to ensure at least some quality of service by doing some research before you head out.

Going on a road trip

If you want to experience a cheap exploration-focused holiday, then why not consider a road trip? As long as you drive safely, you could go virtually anywhere you can imagine. Simply hop into your car, fill up the tank then drive wherever the road takes you. Load up your GPS on your phone and you can quickly find the nearest locations to explore for some inexpensive and relaxing fun. To up the ante a bit and make it more exciting, why not consider an Aston Martin hire for the weekend to have your road trip in an entirely new vehicle. It might sound expensive, but it’s surprisingly cheap to hire a luxurious vehicle for a weekend, but make sure you drive safely otherwise you’ll end up paying a fortune in damage and repair costs! Alternatively, you could bring some friends and family members along for company, but this will require a larger vehicle and you’ll need to do some budgeting to ensure everyone chips in a bit of money to help pay for all of the costs.

Visiting a friend or family member

If you haven’t seen a relative for a long time or you’ve been neglecting to go see a close friend, then a weekend is the perfect time to reconnect assuming they’re free and able to see you. If they’re far away, then you can use the weekend and stay over at their place (if they’re fine with it!) to make it more enjoyable and less of a hassle. If you haven’t seen your friend or family member for a while, then it’s perfectly fine to bring along a gift or a token of appreciation. It does take a bit of courage to visit old friends and family, but coming with a gift in hand and a genuine interest in catching up does go a long way. It’s never nice to lose touch with people that you used to spend a lot of time with, so don’t neglect a simple and inexpensive weekend outing to go visit them!

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Having a board game night

Want to enjoy a bit of fun with your family? Then why not have a board game night! There are many family-friend board games to try out and they’re inexpensive when compared to video games and even cinema tickets. Simply get a board game online or in a toy store, set it up on the dining table and make some hot chocolate to go with it, then you’ll have a simple and fun night in with your family. If you want, you could even invite from friends or the neighbours around and turn it into a regular event! If board games sound a little boring to you, then you could turn it into a video gaming night. There are plenty of good multiplayer video games on consoles and you can increase the overall enjoyment by ordering some pizza and takeout to fuel your evening.

Act like a tourist

It should probably come as no surprise that many people live in cities that they just haven’t had time to explore. If you act like a tourist for a weekend you could find some entertaining ways to explore and have fun around the city. Simply do a Google search or use local event apps to find some interesting things to do in your city. You’d be surprised at how many events and interesting things go on in your city without you knowing. This is a great way to make some new friends and potentially even connect with old ones that are still living in your city. You can invite your friends and family along if it’s suitable for a group activity, or go as a lone wolf and be exposed to all the culture and fun in your hometown.

Host a bring-your-own-something party

What’s the best way to host a fun and unique party on a budget? To get others to bring their own stuff, of course! Hosting a bring-your-own-something party is simple and because your guests are bringing items, it means you’ll be spending less money overall. Some ideas include a potluck party, a finger-food party or even just bringing alcohol to your home so you can have a fun night in watching a film. The idea is to create a fun and interactive party idea that doesn’t involve you personally spending too much money. You may need to plan this in advance especially if you’re inviting several people over. Make sure their weekends are free and consider pitching the idea two weeks or more in advance.

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