Building A Business That Runs Smoothly Is Easier Than You Think


Entrepreneurs want their businesses to grow as fast as possible. They’re hungry for success and always looking for ways to expand. But building a startup and running a business are two very different things. The best businesses are those that hum along predictably and efficiently, not necessarily those that are experiencing extreme short term growth.

Here are some tips for keeping your business running smoothly.

Always Under-Promise

Managing customer expectations is an essential part of business. Promising too much can leave people feeling underwhelmed and even disappointed and can have a damaging effect on your business.

The reason you should promise customers less has to do with the effect of expectations. When customers have low expectations, they expect that your services probably won’t be that good. As a result, they have already prepared themselves for getting something mediocre. For businesses, this is an opportunity to surprise their customers, exceeding their low expectations. When expectations are exceeded, customers end up being far more impressed by your services than if you’d promised them a high standard, to begin with.

Outsource The Stuff You Can’t Do

Another major problem with running a business has to do with all the little jobs that aren’t really a core part of the service you provide. For instance, if you run a bakery, your core service isn’t your accounts, even though you have to do them anyway.

Outsourcing these tasks is important for keeping a business running smoothly and efficiently since they can be an enormous drain on your time.

Making good supplier relationships is essential for some businesses, like agricultural and industrial companies. As New Era Fuels, a commercial fuel supplier, points out, businesses can have difficulty supplying themselves with basic materials. Of course, outsourcing isn’t free, but when you add up the costs involved, it almost always works out cheaper than if you’d tried to do it yourself.

Use Software Apps To Automate Processes

The digital business revolution has completely changed how companies approach many tasks. Back in the 1970s, companies employed hordes of clerks to do their paperwork and file all their transactions away in great archives. Today, though, most of those jobs have disappeared. Now companies rely on new digital technology to get the job done, something which simply wasn’t available in the past.

There are all sorts of software apps that help to keep your business running smoothly. Perhaps the most important are the accounting apps which take away a lot of the hassle of keeping your account in order. These apps are now remarkably sophisticated and can automatically digitize scanned invoices and receipts.


Other important apps include those that allow your employees to collaborate. Apps like Slack, for instance, give colleagues a way to quickly chat and share files over your network without having to constantly send emails back and forth – a real bore.

Finally, some apps help to keep your digital marketing efforts ticking over. Hootsuite, for instance, is a marketing app which allows you to schedule your social media posts throughout the week automatically, meaning that there’s not need to sit there and post everything manually.

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