Should Your Business Sell On Amazon?

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When you think of online shopping, what store do you think of first? As the world’s largest online retailer, it has to be Amazon. Amazon is a huge online marketplace that not only sells its own products but other retailers too. More and more businesses are selling their goods on Amazon as a way to market their products to a wider audience. Has it piqued your interest? Take a look at the following to help you decide if it’s the right move for you.

A sales boost for your business?

It’s no secret that Amazon has a lot of customers. When it finally revealed details of its Amazon Prime membership last year, it gave some food for thought for a lot of businesses wondering how they could get a slice of that pie. It has nearly 300 million active users, which gives your business a lot of potential to sell to a wide customer base. Selling your products on Amazon means you automatically build trust and become a more appealing option than a brand they’ve never heard of. It’s also your gateway to international selling, something that may not be possible via your own e-commerce store.

Get Introduced To New Customers

Now matter how good your website’s SEO is or how much you promote your business on Twitter, it might never be enough to reach new customers. With Amazon however, the introductions are made for you, with people who are searching for your product likely to find you. Make sure that your store descriptions are good and loaded with keywords, something that will help people to find your products easier. People could stumble across your products while shopping for other things, making it great for your sales and increasing awareness of your brand.

Start Up Quickly and Easily

It takes no time at all to get started selling on Amazon. Once you’ve got your account up and running and your products listed, it’s possible to let everything else run by itself. Dropshipping is an excellent service to employ for your Amazon retail store, and while you may be wondering ‘are there drawbacks to dropshipping?’ you could find that it makes your business easy to manage. If you’re looking for an easy way to manage orders during busy periods, this could be the most appropriate solution for your business.

Are You Ready To Share Your Profits?

The major drawback to selling on Amazon is the marketplace fees involved. According to their FAQs, sellers will have to pay $39.99 in account fees, with additional selling fees on top. This can soon add up for small businesses, and may not be the most beneficial solution if you don’t make a lot of sales through the platform.

Amazon is a great tool for helping small businesses market their products on a large platform, especially those that are still setting up websites and e-commerce systems. If you want to find other ways to grow your business, it’s worth looking into tailored tech solutions that could solve problems. Whatever your sales strategy, give Amazon a try and see if there’s a way you can boost your sales – it’s something you’ll never know if you don’t give it a try, so make sure you dive in and grab a piece of that pie.

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