Calling All Cyclists: Let These Road Safety Tips Ring Your Bell

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As an avid cyclist, you are a real advocate of heading out on the open road, cycling to work, ditching the car as much as possible and encouraging other people to take up the most sustainable form of transport ever invented. However, you have to share the road with all other vehicles. You are probably used to the odd bit of road rage from a disgruntled hatchback driver, aware of the need to be alert around the buses with large blind spots and dread the times you see a juggernaut turning left at an intersection. It can be tricky as a cyclist to stay safe on the road. Take a look at these tips to ensure that you don’t find yourself heading to the emergency room.

Adhere To The Law

In 2015 alone, there were 467,000 bicycle-related injuries in the USA. This doesn’t account for those scrapes and bumps that go unreported. It goes without saying that the laws of the roads are for all road users to adhere to, not just those people behind the wheel of motorised vehicles. If you ride your bicycle on busy roads, you also need to stop at a red light, give way to pedestrians and keep your wits about you at all times. Although you may be a safe rider, you need to account for those other road users who may not be as safety conscious as you.

Make Other Road Users Know You Are There

Most car drivers dislike cyclists because of a bad experience they have had with one in the past, Don’t be the guy who weaves in and out of traffic, disappears behind a bus one moment only to reappear thirty seconds later. Other road users need to know you are there if you are turning at an intersection. Being elusive could result in you falling into a blind spot and getting knocked off your bike. While a visit to a legal specialist like Elan Law personal injury attorney will help you after an auto accident, you want to be doing everything in your power to prevent a life-threatening situation from occurring in the first place.

Maintain Your Machine

There’s no excuse for heading off on your travels without doing the basic maintenance checks. Ensure that both your front and rear brakes are in sound working order. If you are heading out at night, your lights should be working and visible to all passing traffic. If you venture onto the roads with a substandard bicycle, you are putting other road users in danger.

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Don’t be one of those cyclists who keeps his head down and avoids the gaze of every other user of the road. Make eye contact with drivers, smile and signify to them that you are a human being just like them. The chances are that they will smile back. If you do the same route at the same time day in, day out, you’ll probably see the same car drivers. Wave, get to know them a little bit and give way on occasions. Being courteous and respectful will make that car driver look out for you and return the favor of giving way.

Cycling has its dangers on the road, but if you stick to the letter of the law, maintain your mode of transport and be respectful of others, you will be doing everything in your power not to end up another road traffic accident statistic.


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