Camping Holidays are Back in Fashion- Here’s Why!


Camping has always been a fun, family friendly holiday- but with the rise of cheap trips abroad, it definitely fell out of fashion for a while. However, in recent years there has been a surge in camping trips and stay-cations again and it’s fair to say that these types of getaways are now cooler than ever. They’re not reserved for those who hate flying or can’t afford an overseas trip, they’re fun and desirable in their own right. Here’s why!

They’re inexpensive

The low cost of camping has always meant it makes a great family friendly activity. If you’re on a budget, a camping holiday could be your main getaway for the year, if not then they’re cheap and accessible to do over a free weekend even if you’re jetting off somewhere else that year too. Once you have all of your camping equipment, you only need to pay a small fee to the site owner to pitch a tent or park. If you have a campervan or caravan you have the ability to go on a little getaway whenever you like with next to no cost involved. Fill up the tank with gas and grab some food and you can set off to wherever you like. You can always use a caravan storage company to keep your campervan or caravan parked up safely if you don’t have the parking space at home.

They’re better for the environment

It’s not to say that camping is perfect for the environment, after all, we need to get to the campsite which will often involve driving. However, a camping holiday will generally be a lot friendlier to the environment than getting on a plane and travelling halfway across the world. When we camp, we also tend to use less gas, electricity and water than we would at home.

They teach kids new skills

Lying on a beach for two weeks, dining in incredible restaurants and visiting tourist attractions might be a lot of fun, but this doesn’t really teach us much. Camping on the other hand is a fantastic way to learn new skills- both adults and children alike. From pitching a tent to orienteering and map reading, fishing, foraging and even survival skills like setting traps and getting by without much.

They’re suitable for all the family

Camping is something that just about all the family can enjoy, from young to old. If a disability, a fear of flying or a health concern prevents certain members of your family from being able to easily go abroad then chances are they can still enjoy a camping holiday. If you have vulnerable members in your party, just ensure that either you’re camping at a time of year where the weather is mild or that you’re staying in a caravan or other shelter which is comfortable for them.

Have you started embracing camping holidays again?

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