How Can You Pay Less For The Same Quality?

More items for less

In a society where everyone wants more all the time, it can be difficult to keep up with the shopping trends while staying on top of your budget. A credit card accident could happen to anybody. You only planned a short trip to the mall, and you suddenly come back with a new smartphone and an $800 credit invoice. The comfort of the modern lifestyle has a price, but does it have to break the bank? Indeed, if you can’t fight the urge to get more of the good stuff, is there a way to get more for less without compromising on quality? The answer is yes, and there is more than just one way to get what you want without paying the full price for it.

Good items come from known brands

The first and most important question when it comes to shopping is not, how can I pay less but how can I be sure that I am paying for the real deal? According to a little guide on shopping designer bags,, you will need to get to know reputed brands first so that you can better understand what to look for in a quality product. Beware of fakes on online retail sites, so make sure that you do your research. You will find plenty of Prada copies that look identical except for the logo or the typical lining of the bag. More often than not, luxury products come with a serial number, which lets you check its provenance. If there is no serial number or no visible brand, you may want to try another shop.

You look for online auctions

If you’re a natural player, you’ll love the option to join online auctions to grab yourself a bargain on a quality product. You have probably heard of eBay, but you may not know DealDash, as described here: As auction websites go, DealDash starts at $0.00 but uses a pay-to-participate model, which helps to exclude fake accounts designed to increase the bid only. Ultimately, you need to keep your eyes peeled on the screen if you don’t want to miss your chance to buy your dream item at a reduced price. But make sure to stick to customer-friendly platforms that can intervene if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

You work where you shop

Do you know that people who get the best perks are those who work in shops? In the UK, for instance, the staff in Boots, a pharmacy and beauty chains, receives high discounts that let them enjoy the best products for a portion of the price. Additionally, you can also benefit from discount and special offer via your job perks, especially if your company has agreed to a partnership with a specific supplier for instance. Imagine working in the company that packs and labels the infamous Nutella spread. You can be sure that you might get deals on a selection of products by Ferrero and Kinder, and who wouldn’t like that?

You check bargains

If you have no item in mind but simply want to save money on your regular shopping expenses, you can sign to an online coupon site, This will keep you informed of all the deals – current and to come – and let you use plenty of discount vouchers in your favorite shops. You can find a variety of options, from online only to in-shop offers, but ultimately you need to be quick. Coupons are only valid for a limited time.

You stick to your favorite brands until they reward you

More and more companies value regular customers and have developed entire VIP programs to reward their loyalty. Physical shops tend to use a loyalty card which allows you to accumulate points toward a future discount. Other companies choose a tiered system that encourages customers to spend more to access the best premium. But ultimately, whether loyalty schemes are a marketing trick or not, they offer great advantages to customers.

You become a lifestyle blogger

Last, but not least, successful bloggers can receive free products from businesses in exchange for an online article or a review. In marketing terms, it’s all about the PR influence of the blogger, so if you’ve just set up a WordPress site, you may want to gather some followers before asking for freebies. It’s a good idea to review a few products for free first – aka, items that you’ve bought – and measure your traffic data before you approach businesses.


From knowing how to recognize real products to receiving free samples from your favorite company, there are plenty of things you could do to get the best product at the best price. And if nothing works, you can still wait for the next sale event!

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