Canadian Coca-Cola Is Set to Undergo Recipe Change

Coca-Cola is set to bring it’s Canadian product down to the same level of sweetness as products sold elsewhere. It also intends to tweak can sizes, and introduce more choice.

Did you know that the Canadian version of Coca-Cola was sweeter than Coca-Cola sold elsewhere in the world? It’s something that isn’t set to last much longer as Coca-Cola tweaks its Canadian recipe, along with its bottle sizes.

According to Coca-Cola, its Canadian product has been sweeter ever since it entered production in 1906. A tweak to its recipe will put an end to this, and bring its sweetness level down to the level of the rest of the world. The change will result in an 8% calorie cut that is predicted to hit Canadian store shelves in the coming weeks.

The company also plans on tweaking its bottle sizes. Its current 591mL can will be reduced to 500mL, while a new 310mL can will be introduced into the Canadian market. It also intends to increase the availability of its smaller 222mL cans, and its 237mL glass bottles.

The calorie count change is probably in response to recent criticisms to company’s such as Coca-Cola in regards to their role in obesity. In Canada, 66% of the adult population is said to be either overweight or obese, which is a pretty big number. This move is meant to give customers the option of lower calorie counts while also offering consumers more choice, in the form of numerous smaller cans.

In moderation, products like Coca-Cola probably won’t harm you; high consumptions of it could very well lead to things like obesity, and other health problems. In April of 2014, Consumer Reports found that pancake syrups contain a cancer causing chemical called 4-mel. The chemical is used to give the syrup its brown color, and is also found in soft-drinks such as Coca-Cola. A Company that solely depends on selling unhealthy products is in a tricky situation in this health-conscious age. As more of us realize what we should be eating, and shouldn’t, what’s going to happen to companies that only sell unhealthy products? Even the fruit juices Coca-Cola sells aren’t very healthy when the amount of added sugar is taken into consideration.

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