Careers That Support Gender Equality

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Gender equality is the one thing that society seems to be falling behind on. Of all the old beliefs that we have left behind, the equality gap is still there. Although, it does now seem the gap is closing, there are still some careers that are not closing the gender equality pay gap, or even supporting gender equality in the workplace. It leads to women feeling as though they’re not supported, they’re undervalued, and they’re inferior to their male colleagues. In some cases, it does work the other way. There are some industries that are female dominated, and males come the inferior out of the two. But luckily for you, there are some roles that are closing the gender equality gap, these are the ones that we’re here to explore today. Read on to find out more.


The police was always seen as a firm male role, just like with the armed forces. Until recently, there was still a fair gender equality gap. Females entering the role were given the easy tasks, weren’t often allowed out on the streets, and would be regarded as inferior. But lately, there is a nice mixture of male and female officers, all of which do the same tasks on a daily basis. The pay gap is also closing, but there still seems to be some gap as you work up the ranks. Or, there seems to be more male superiors than male. But the one thing about the police service is their is a lot of room to progress, and it is one of the most rapidly changing careers to get in to. You can take an online police program that will boost your knowledge, and in turn give you more chances to progress in the role. The same training is given to both men and women, and the same basic pay is given in the junior ranks of the role. Not only that, but the role is very demanding and interesting. You’ll always be introduced to new situations that you wouldn’t usually have, and you’re doing a service to the community.


Beauty is still one where the gender equality gap is still very much alive. It is seen as a female dominated industry, and men struggle to find the courage to enter into the profession for fear of being judged. But modern day society will still judge. If a male works within beauty, he will automatically be categorised as homosexual. But this isn’t the case, and it is something the beauty industry needs to change. There’s plenty of male beauticians and hairdressers that do some amazing work, and have made strides in the beauty world that wouldn’t usually have been made. But due to vlogging and blogging, as well as modern day views, this gap is starting to close. Hopefully in the next 10 years we will see the gap close further. If a male is reading this and is worried about being judged for something they have a passion in, it is important to remember that you’re your own person, and you should be able to chase your dreams regardless of the views of others.

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