Cashing in on Your Car: Here’s How You Can Boost Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

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Cars last for a long time, and if you wanted to, you could easily keep most cars for a couple of decades or more. However there are lots of reasons why you might want to go with an upgrade. Perhaps your family is expanding and you need something with more space for children. Maybe you’ve got a new job further out, and want something that’s economical to run. Perhaps you want something with better safety features, or just more mod cons. Either way, at some point or another most of us have had to sell an old car to make room for a new one in our lives. Here are some of the ways you can get the best price for the one you’re selling.

Keep Records of All Repairs

There are lots of moving parts on cars and things that can and will wear out. So throughout your car’s life, there will be lots of big and small repairs that need to be made. It’s always worth keeping record of these things- receipts, invoices, anything else that proves you’ve had the work done. Buy yourself a filing cabinet or just a filing folder and keep everything together. When you come to sell, you can bump up the price a little to reflect the work that’s been done. But only if you can prove it.

Keep It Close To Factory Settings

Custom cars can look cool, however they won’t appeal to everyone. When you customise your car, what you’re doing is customising it to your own personal tastes, to you it might be the most awesome upgrade ever but not everyone is going to agree. Some customisations such as having the car lowered will cost more on insurance and be more of a hindrance to some people, meaning they will be put off. Wacky paint jobs, tinted windows and other changes will likely put most buyers off. If you’re keeping your car just for you and don’t have any intention of selling it then you can go to town on making it into your dream car- as long as the customisations are legal. If you do think there’s a chance that you will want or need to sell it later down the line, keep it as close to how it came from the factory as possible. It will hugely improve your resale value.

Have It Cleaned and Detailed

When you’re presenting your car to a potential buyer, you of course want it to look its best. Having it professionally washed can cleaned by a car detailing company can make all the difference. It will show your car in the best light possible, and certainly make it stand out from other similar models the buyers may have been looking at. A clean car shows that it’s been well looked after and properly maintained, which can help to sway a buyer that’s on the fence.

When you sell a car, you’ll never get back as much as you paid for it (unless in the cases of rare or collectable cars) because as a rule, vehicles depreciate in value each year. However if you look after it well throughout the time you have it and present it correctly to a buyer, you can boost the value and get back as much as possible for it.

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