Cast The Light On: 5 Lighting Ideas For Your Living Room

We, people, spend most of our time shopping for specific paint color or couch for our family room or living room. However, we sometimes neglect the significance of having the right lighting.

The living room is the area where you receive guests, play different games, watch television, or read books. Thus having proper lighting is important because it serves a significant purpose in both the look and the function of the room.

Great lighting innovates the ambiance of the space just as it creates an illusion of having a larger room. To know more, check out the five lighting ideas and achieve a family room with a smooth combination of style and functionality.

Place A Beautiful Fixture

Family rooms with high-rise ceilings might be a little challenging to decorate, spruce up, and illuminate. To be able to make the most out of a high-rise ceiling, think about hanging a huge statement central fixture.

To successfully hang fixtures in living spaces with high-rise ceilings, ensure that they drop down or descend from the ceiling to make them feel like they are still a part of the space. Also, you do not have to burden yourself with looking up and view them.

Ceiling Fan With Lights

If you want to maximize both the function and space, then go for a ceiling fan with lights. It is the most excellent way to do it, although ceiling fans are not as well-known as they once before, but during hot climates, ceiling fans are often necessary.

Instead of installing fans and lots of light fixtures in your living room, go for a ceiling fan with a light fixture to maximize both the functionality and space in the room. You can purchase this kind of light fixture in any online store like Black Mango.

Ceiling fan with lights can display both the modern and classic beauty in a room since it has different unique styles available in the market. Moreover, this type of light fixture can also greatly help the environment because of its energy saving feature.

Hanging Numerous Fixtures

Having only one overhead fixture in a huge room might not be sufficient in illuminating or lighting a room. Most of the time, installing pot lights are the best solution you can make. However, if this type of lighting is not for you, there’s still another option.

You can go for installing numerous light fixtures all throughout the living room. But to make this strategy work, go for simple or uncomplicated light fixtures that stands out as an alone or within a group. Do not place them in random places around the ceiling, instead place them on a framework.


Installing skylights in your living room is a brilliant way to carry daylight into the room. Skylights are remarkably effective and efficient at bringing light to places that a window light cannot grasp.

Since skylights face upward, they import plenty of light even if they are small in size. Think about installing a tubular skylight to carry light and illuminate your living room even without having plenty of ceiling space.

There are a lot of advantages and benefits when you decide to install skylights in your home. You can reduce your monthly electric bill, energy consumption, energy costs, and the need for unsustainable energy that’s depleting the world’s health.


Installing windows is still the best way to illuminate any space in your home. It may be one of the oldest types of lighting fixtures, but it can bring plenty of natural light into the room. Its shape, moldings, and muntins throw more attraction and appeal to the wall.

Furthermore, windows provide a beautiful view or sight that makes a room look huge as any area outside of the house. Installing windows facing south gives passive natural light which creates a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere in cold climates. If you are thinking about replacing the windows in your living room, go for big ones.


Having the right lighting for your living room is significant because of the pleasant mood that it creates. Considering that living rooms are typically the first room you wander into, proper lighting sets the mood for the other parts of the house. You can follow the above lighting ideas to create a brighter and comfortable living room.

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