Causes of Data Loss

As most of us know, if we delete data by mistake, there are methods to get this data back. That being said, not all the data can be recovered and the data recovery process is very complicated. Southbit are data recovery specialists who have one of the highest success rates of recovering your lost data.

Here are the top 5 causes of data loss and some measures you can take to prevent data loss:

1. Hardware or System Malfunctions

A survey found that the main cause of data loss is in fact hardware failure or system malfunctions. There are many forms of hardware failures and system malfunctions such as electrical failure, controller failure or a head crash.

Here are some things to minimize the risk of hardware failure or system malfunctions:

Keep your devices in dry, dust-free areas. This will ensure your fans stay unclogged and that your electrics aren’t affected by moisture. A low-traffic location is ideal for storing servers or other sensitive hardware.

We know the power struggle in South Africa all too well. Connect your employee’s PC’s to a UPS so that they won’t lose any data during a power failure.

2. Human Errors

Human error is also right up there as the second most common cause of data loss. There are two forms of human error that can cause data loss and that is deleting a file by accident or formatting a hard drive accidentally. Sometimes you can restore a deleted file from the recycle bin but other data may not be able to be restored. The other is damaging sensitive parts by dropping the device or bumping it over, etc.

To prevent this type of data loss, you need to be careful when handling your devices and also be even more careful when deleting data or formatting storage devices.

3. Software Corruption

Software corruption just comes out of nowhere and usually it comes at the worst possible time. There are a few factors that can cause software corruption but you can avoid data loss by saving documents often, even if you only types an extra sentence.

4. Computer Viruses and Malware

Viruses are everywhere out there on the web and they will slow down your computer and they can steal sensitive information from your machines. Viruses can also damage your important data. A good antivirus program is highly important to prevent this type of data loss.

5. Natural Disasters

Although natural disasters are uncommon in South Africa, there are countries where they are quite frequent. The flash floods that happened in 2016 probably caused huge amounts of data loss from flooded buildings, offices and factories.

There is no way to prevent this type of data loss but you can take precautions like storing data om external hard drives, regularly backing up your data and also storing data on cloud based services.

Southbit are data recovery specialists and we have one of the highest success rates of data recovery among our competitors. Depending on the severity of the damage done to the device, we should be able to recover all your lost data. – Breeding Ground for Cyberbullying and Sexting

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