The Changing Face Of The Law

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Even though you may think that society’s laws are set in stone, they are actually constantly changing. The government has the power to pass new laws and bills that affect current ones, and all this change means that the face of the law looks a lot different than what it did a few decades ago. Even though the government has the final say in any changes in the law, most of this is influenced by citizens and the general opinion of the public.

Most of this is because our society is continually modernizing and our way of looking at certain issues changes. On some issues, we become a lot more liberal and open-minded, whereas we can become a lot stricter and regulated on others.

Are you interested to know the current changes that are being debated right now? Here are some of the law’s hottest topics and how they could change our legal system.

The Public Are Pushing For Less Religious Freedom

For the past few decades, the majority of people have been happy to live in a society that promotes religious freedom as it is an important part of our freedom of speech. However, it looks like that is all set to change. The number of terrorist attacks by religious extremists is now on the rise and has steadily been increasing since 9/11. As a result, more and more people are now interested in reducing religious freedoms in an attempt to reduce the spread of extremism. However, this issue is hotly contested as it would require limiting people’s freedom of speech. It looks like this debate will boil down to one difficult question to answer: which is more important, a nation’s safety or an individual’s freedom of speech?

It Looks Like Drugs Could Be Legalized

At the moment, recreational dispensary of marijuana is legal in some American states. The list includes Oregon and Colorado. There are other states that allow the smoking of marijuana for medical purposes. As legalizing the drug in these states has helped to increase tax revenue, most other states are now considering legalizing it as well. So, it seems that people are becoming a lot more open-minded to drug use as making it legal in some states seems to have worked.

People Want Stricter Gun Controls

This issue ties in closely with terrorism problems, as some mass shootings have been carried out by religious extremists who were able to buy guns easily. Many citizens believe that tighter gun controls need to be enforced in order to prevent extremists getting their hands on weapons. Another argument for gun controls is that they will help to prevent school shootings. Since 2013, there have been 196 school shootings across the whole of America. Most of these were carried out by people who should not have had access to weapons.

Looking at people’s views on the above topics is a good indicator as to whether or not there will be any significant changes to these laws. But. ultimately, the final say lies with the government.


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