Clowns in Modern Horror

Truth be told, many of us are easily creeped out at the sight of a clown. Regardless of whether it’s a prancing and frolicking circus clown or a creepy, ax-wielding clown in a dark alley, many people have developed Coulrophobia aka strong fear of clowns. With the new adaptation of Stephen King’s It which hit theaters last month, the buzz surrounding terrifying clowns has once again fired up, and will surely be the most recreated costume on Halloween parties this year.

Clowns have been a fixture in the horror films since time immemorial. While every clown in horror movies display varying visage and given with different backgrounds of why they became violence- and blood-loving characters – they all serve one purpose: to terrify and make the audience scream their hearts out through their odd smile and grotesque actions.

If you are still curious about the clowns and their impact on the modern horror landscape, check out the infographic below from Chamber of Horrors.

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