College At Any Age – Why You Should Wait To Start University

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We all hear about ‘the college experience’, something that many young people will go through and enjoy as they make the transition from high school to adulthood. But going to college after graduating high school isn’t for everyone – and with more and more people choosing to wait before going to college, could there be some benefits?

You’re not emotionally ready

College is a big commitment. Sure, it’s a place to have fun and discover new experiences – but you’re also paying to learn. With the new-found temptations that adulthood can bring, it can be difficult to focus your attention on your education. Meeting new people and trying new ventures are things you can do without going to college, letting you get it out of the system before you knuckle down to do some work.

It’s expensive

It’s no secret that going to college is expensive. There are endless stories about those struggling to pay back student loans for years after graduating. The cost of going to college is rising, at a rate of almost 6% a year. The figures can be tough to take, and waiting to go to college could help you get the most out yours (or your parents’) investment, or even put you in a better financial position after being able to save for a few years to help you cover the cost.

You don’t know what you want to do

There’s a lot of pressure on teens to know what it is they want to do with the rest of their lives. Not everyone knows if they want to be a doctor or a lawyer when they’re 18, and getting a bit of life experience first could help to help you find your path in life. Interning, traveling and working in a variety of jobs can help you find out what you like doing, making you feel more prepared before you decide to take the plunge and go to college. Rather than studying a subject for the sake of it, thinking about college degrees that are relevant to today’s climate is important and could help you carve out a career path that you know is in demand. Pick something that you’re interested in, that you know could provide you with a meaningful career.

Because you can

Learning today is very flexible, thanks in large part to the rise in online learning. You can take an online course at any stage of your life and still come out with a college degree. If you want to study an English degree, you can or if you want to study something more practical like a lean manufacturing education course, you can do that too. Taking an online university course is something that you can, do in your own time, at a pace that suits you – allowing you to work while studying and taking your time to get some good results.

It’s becoming the norm

The number of people enrolling in college at a later age is increasing, for the reasons listed above and many others. Colleges have become more flexible in their offering, which makes them more appealing for older students. More people are finding that when they’re ready to learn, they will – so seeing some older faces around the college campus isn’t something out of the ordinary any longer.

While the college experience may not be for you, right now – who’s to say it won’t be for you in a few years down the line? Consider all of your options and remember that you’re never too old to give college a try.

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