Coming To America: Is It A Good Idea?

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No matter where you are in the world, you must have heard of the American Dream; the ability for anyone irrespective of race, color or creed to fulfil their destiny, be prosperous and enjoy a good standard of living. With Donald Trump as the President of the United States, people have been debating whether this American Dream can still become a reality. A wall is supposedly being built, and a more isolationist tone has been utilized. Is coming to America still a good idea if you have ambition and want to enjoy the fruits of your labor? Work hard, and you should be handsomely rewarded according to the American Dream. Is this still so?


If you arrive in America without a qualification to your name and with no experience, it is as difficult as anywhere to find a job. However, if you have a decent resume, solid experience and good references, it is easier to get a job than in the UK or elsewhere in Europe. You must be flexible initially and enter your sphere of work with the realization that you will have to work your way up. If you show promise and excel at your job, promotion opportunities tend to come your way pretty quickly.

Begin making your plans while still in your home country. Offer to take on more responsibility and try and scale the career ladder a little higher. Check out the sort of professional development that is valued in the United States for your industry and complete the relevant certification prior to heading to the USA. This way, you can hit the ground running and may find obtaining your first position just that little bit easier.

If you’re more eager to start your own business, startups are encouraged as America is the birthplace of capitalism and rewards those who use their initiative, pay their taxes and contribute to the nation’s economy.

Cultural Hotpot

America is a vast nation. Each state has its own laws to a certain extent, it’s own regional delicacies, and even its own TV stations. Texas is vastly different to Minnesota – you could be in another country. It is this mixture of different customs, cultures, races and people that make the United States such a diverse and rich environment in which to live.

However, that doesn’t mean all Americans live side by side in perfect harmony. The issue of deportation is still a touchy subject, as is police brutality, racism and prejudice. Donald Trump himself was accused of openly mocking a disabled reporter. Women are still underrepresented in government. Indeed, there has never been a female American President, and there doesn’t look to be one anytime soon. This is seen as a blot on the history of the most forward thinking and democratic nation in the world.

The racial divide is pronounced when you consider unemployment rates and prison populations. Afro-American men are nearly twice as likely to be unemployed and can be certain of receiving tougher sentences for the same crime committed by their white peers. While America preaches about fairness and justice, it still has a long way to go to practice what it espouses to the world.

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The people of the United States are patriotic and love their country. They enjoy talking about their heritage and welcome visitors with open arms. Tourism is a vast industry in the United States with the synonymous Route 66 road trip, national parks, the Grand Canyon, New York City’s iconic landmarks and the Golden Gate Bridge to name but a few. If you’re seriously considering making America your home, you need to explore the nation first. Unlike Germany or the UK which is geographically much smaller with less variety in its customs and culture, the United States is like an amalgamation of many diverse quirks. You need to enjoy exploring the states and find the area that you feel that you could settle in.

On TV and in the media, the only part outsiders see is the East Coast and the West Coast. Delve deeper, and there is a vast array of communities to become a part of in between. Take a road trip, embark on a holiday and take some time to travel around.

If you fancy taking a jaunt to the United States in a quest to fulfil the American Dream, you need to be aware of the need to put in as much effort as the reward you are expecting in return. Hard work and determination are rewarded. If you’re willing to immerse yourself in your new life, then you can make your American Dream a reality.

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