Up-And-Coming Trends In Personal Transport


The tech revolution isn’t something that’s confined to the digital world. It’s now leaking out into the physical world and causing all kinds of mayhem. Just look at the enormous impact that drones have had over the last couple of years.

Now, though, entrepreneurs are setting their sights on the personal transport market. It’s time for personal transport to go high-tech and revolutionize the sector. So what’s been happening?

We Got Electric Bikes

Push bikes have always had a rather significant problem: they had to be pushed. And that requires effort, something that we humans don’t like expending. So what is the solution? Well, up until now, there wasn’t really much that could be done. Batteries were just too big and cumbersome to be practical on bikes. But thanks, mainly to smart phones, batteries have gotten smaller and better. And now they’re finding their way into bikes.

The result? Push bikes are faster and more effortless than before. And it means that people can now ride for many more miles than they could before. This is slashing the cost of transport for the people who own them. And it’s making it much easier to get around.

And We Got Electric Unicycles

Unicycles have never been the mode of transport of choice for many; until now, that is. Over at The Electric Rider, they’ve been investigating all the options now available on the market. It seems like there’s a unicycle for every budget and usage need. And, again, it’s all been made possible by the fact that batteries and electric motors are smaller and more reliable.

What’s more, electric unicycles probably offer even more utility than electric push bikes. The reason for this is that they can easily be carried on and off public transport. And they don’t need to be locked up in a bike pound somewhere.



We Will See More Segways

Segways haven’t had the best press in recent months. Ever since cheap, illegally imported Segways started catching fire, there’s been a lot of suspicion around them. But now things are starting to settle down. People have learned from their mistakes. And most segways now imported are now safe to use. It’s likely, therefore, that we will start seeing more segways, in the home at least.



Cars, As We Know Them, Are On The Way Out

The ultimate personal transportation device has been with us for over a hundred years now. And, for many people, it’s not expected to go away any time soon. But a lot is going on in the car market that should cause us to pause.

Perhaps the most significant development is the fact that cars are starting to become intelligent. The fact that they will soon drive themselves around has profound implications for personal transport. It means that people don’t actually have to own their own cars. They can just use them as a service like they might use a restaurant. It’s there, as and when they need it. This means that personal transportation costs will inevitably come down. You won’t have to pay for the upkeep of your car. Somebody else will do that for you.



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