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One of the most important tasks any employer is faced with is employing great staff. But hiring great staff is no easy task. It’s time-consuming – like really time-consuming – especially given you’ll want to have multiple stages to the process. And what’s more, there are big consequences if you hire the wrong person. It’ tough. It’s getting someone who is a right fit technically and a right fit for the company, and someone who will succeed in taking your company to new heights, bring in more revenue and improve those around them. Well, to help you with this process, with have come up with a few tricks and tips that may be of use.

Better Copy

Potential employees spend hours, days and sometimes weeks trawling through job sites and adverts looking for jobs that suit them, jobs that attract and excite them, jobs that show they are interested in who they hire. As such, what you write in your job posting and description has a huge impact; more than you may realize. One of the big issues is that qualified individuals, people with advanced skill sets and experience are being put off by what is written in the job spec. Candidates are put off by job postings that highlight what the company expects a candidate to do for them. What employers should be doing is focusing just as much on what the company can do for the candidate. By putting the emphasis on the, you’ll be attracting a better caliber of employee.

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Don’t Ignore Their Qualities

Too many employers focus on their checklist and don’t deviate away from this at all. They are simply concerned with what level of skill they hold, how many years experience and what education they got (and from where). They ignore their personality completely. This is a huge error. Skills can be taught. Personality can not. It is that simple. So if you like the candidate for who they are, like their ethics and their ability to get on with others, it will be worth considering them and weighing up the pros and cons of teaching them the skills.

Background Check

This is crucial in getting a better overall picture of your potential client, but it requires more time and energy than just googling their name. You should check out their LinkedIn profile and see what their experience is and what others have endorsed them for. You should look at their social media pages, their Instagram account and all of that. Of course, these shouldn’t affect your business decision when it comes to hiring them, but it will allow you a better understanding of who they are and thus maybe what motivates them. It is also worth doing a free warrant check online, just for your peace of mind. It may be minor and they may be honest about it (who knows it could be a great story) or it could be something else. Either way, it is worth doing a quick check and seeing what their online presence is like. They should be doing the same on you.


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