Complications in Construction: Avoid Failure in Your Building Business

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Every kind of business has its unique difficulties when it comes to gaining customers, turning a profit and ensuring everything is being handled correctly. But when it comes to construction, it can be particularly challenging. There are so many additional health and safety procedures due to machinery, vehicles and unstable building sites. Plus, customers can be wary due to stories of ‘cowboy buildersand can be cautious of parting with money for projects- especially when building work can be very expensive. However done right, the construction industry can be very lucrative and is a good option to set up in if you have the right skills and experience. Here are a few things to bear in mind!


Display Photos of Finished Projects

A picture speaks a thousand words, and there are few businesses which can benefit more from displaying pictures of their work than those in construction. One way you can help to make up customers minds, and show that you are a legitimate and trustworthy business rather than a rogue trader is by displaying photos of your finished work. Display these on your website as well as on your social media pages. Take Facebook for example- on your business page, have a photo album for previous work completed. Where possible, tag the customers (or ask them to share pictures and tag you). That way, anyone browsing through your work will be able to see that not only is your previous work of excellent quality but that your customers were happy with it too.

Build Up Positive Reviews

Reviews can make or break a business. If a customer is on the fence, positive or negative reviews are often what will sway them one way or another. Ensuring your customer service is top notch will help prevent unsatisfied customers posting negative reviews. If you address their concerns and offer a solution to the problem, it can solve issues before they have chance to escalate. While legally you can’t offer any kind of compensation for positive reviews, you can always ask nicely. Third party sites like Trustpilot can be useful, or you could ask for a review on your website or social media accounts.

Keep Equipment Updated

The modern world is very fast paced, new inventions constantly mean technology is ever improving- making things like machinery and vehicles more efficient. Don’t be stuck in the stone ages, keeping your equipment up to date allows you to tackle jobs more easily and means you’re far more likely to meet your deadlines. And don’t forget, for off road vehicles you’re often eligible to use red diesel which is far cheaper than that you can buy commercially. You can buy fuel containers online making handling everything fast, efficient, easy to handle. Plus you avoid the risk of contamination which can be a problem when dealing with fuel.

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Ask For Referrals

People will often find good tradespeople through word of mouth. If a friend or family member has had work done using a company, people are far more likely to trust them and choose to hire them. Therefore you need to be focusing on referrals as a way to gain new customers. Make sure your current customer has a good experience with you, and then leave business cards, flyers or other information for them to pass onto others. It might be considered an old form of marketing when everything is done online these days, but for some industries, it’s still incredibly important.

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