The Coolest Gadget Gifts to Give This Year

Gadgets make the best gifts- they’re cool, unique and innovative. They can be practical or just fun, and because they’re often new and novel concepts they’re fascinating to use and something a bit different. If you’re looking for an amazing gadget to give as a gift (or to just keep for yourself!) here are some of the best.

Remote Control Skateboard

Remote control skateboard: great for outdoorsy, fun loving folk

Fun to play on and also an effective method of getting around, remote control skateboards are gaining in popularity. And is it any wonder when they’re so much fun? There are more on the market than ever to choose from, and while they’re still not cheap by any means there are a range of price points available. Do your research, decide on your budget and read plenty of reviews before taking the plunge. How long does the battery last? How fast does it go? How sturdy and well made is it? These are all things you should be asking yourself and looking into before making your investment. That way you’ll find the perfect remote control skateboard, who wouldn’t enjoy opening that as a gift?! Perfect for anyone who loved riding a skateboard as a kid, but most outdoorsy, fun loving people will enjoy something like this.



Drones: Ideal for video makers and aviation enthusiasts

Fantastic for filmmaking enthusiasts and photographers as you can get some incredible aerial shots, although anyone who enjoyed flying remote control helicopters as a kid will certainly be thrilled with one of these. Drones are everywhere right now and are definitely the must-have gadget from the last couple of years. As they’ve become more popular a lot more affordable ones have been introduced to the market, meaning you don’t need to spend a fortune to start up this hobby. There are a number of groups up and down the country where you can race drones and even join flying formations, so if you’re buying for an aviation enthusiast this is one gift that’s bound to go down an absolute treat,

Smart Watch


Smartwatches: perfect for fitness enthusiasts and busy people

A scaled down version of your smartphone available to wear on your wrist? Who wouldn’t be excited about that! The Apple watch is possibly the best known, although there are other brands available to that are well worth checking out. Ideal for that busy person who’s always on the go, and also handy for fitness enthusiasts since many fitness apps and trackers can be run from them. Hugely practical but also a stylish fashion accessory too, and various smartwatches have been spotted on the wrists of celebrities across the globe.

Fitness Trackers


Fitness trackers: a gift option for health and fitness lovers

Speaking of fitness enthusiasts, there are a number of trackers available on the market that are targeted to just fitness. More budget friendly than a smartwatch, and ideal if all it will be used for is tracking health and fitness. They track your steps, the amount of activity and exercise you have done and even the amount of hours you have been asleep. All information is then sent to your smartphone in easy to understand charts and graphs. From the FitBit and Nike Fuelband to less expensive versions from brands such as Misfit and Jawbone. Read the descriptions and reviews to find one which offers the features you’re after. The perfect gift for your health and fitness loving, gadget loving friend or family member.

Smart Wallet


A ‘smart wallet’ or GPS finder for a disorganised or forgetful friend

Another ‘smart’ gift idea, smart wallets contain bluetooth technology meaning if your wallet gets lost you’re able to locate it using an app on your phone. Wouldn’t it be handy if everything had this kind of technology? We’d never lose anything again! If you know someone that’s a bit forgetful or disorganised this could make a funny and useful gift, they’re less expensive than you’d probably expect too. You can buy GPS tracking finders such as ‘Tile’ to put into wallets or on keys to give people the ability to find their lost stuff, so another alternative.

Action Camera


Action cameras: perfect for those who love extreme sports or just make home videos

The Go Pro has been hailed as ‘the world’s most versatile camera’ but there are other brands selling similar action cameras too so be sure to shop around. This would of course make a great gift for anyone who makes videos or is into things like extreme sports, however they’re fantastic just for general use too. Amazing for taking videos on holiday as some models come in protective waterproof casing which can go to a depth of sixty metres. They’re also great for things like days out and general home videos too, they’re smaller and lighter than regular handheld cameras and much more sturdy meaning they won’t get broken while they’re being used out and about.

Virtual Reality Gaming Headset


Virtual reality gaming headset: perfect for gaming enthusiasts and tech lovers

You can now explore a world of gaming like never before, modern virtual reality headsets really do bridge the gap between gaming and reality giving you mind blowing experiences. While this kind of technology has been around for a while, in the last year or so it’s really took off for home gaming. There are a few different variants on the market to choose from, but whatever you go for the person you’re gifting to will have endless fun with this nifty gadget. They’re not likely to have experienced anything like this, let alone in their own homes so it makes for an ultra impressive present. Current headsets are run off compatible computers and consoles, so be sure to check that the person you’re gifting to has the equipment to run it before making your purchase.

There’s so much cool technology being released year after year, if you want to give a fantastic gift then you can’t go far wrong with something like this!

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