Could Your Career Be Just About To Take Off?

Building a career can be a lot of work. But, when you’re really passionate about what you do, that never really matters. You’ll find that you really have to put the effort in, but you don’t overly mind because you really do love what you do. This is very much the case with creative careers, such as music, writing, or the arts. You’re likely to be so passionate about what you do, that making money is just a bonus. You’d happily do this as a hobby if you’re unable to make money from it. However, you’d still love to be able to generate an income from your passion, so it’s important for you to know how you’re going to do this, or what signs there are when you could start to see things take off. Let’s delve into this further.


To start with, you’ll find that it’s going to really help you if you can show patience. Because you won’t necessarily get success overnight. It happens, of course, people get picked up quickly. But usually, that ‘overnight success’ you hear of came with years and years of work, perseverance, and patience first.


To complement that, you’ll then want to think about being as persistent as you can. Careers are always competitive. And when you are working in a creative field, that can amplify. So you need to develop a thick skin. Do not let yourself be deterred. You need to make sure that you keep trying, keep pushing, and see what results you can get.


The next thing that will help things to take off for you, is the amount of effort that you put in. Because you need to want this. And you just cannot be ‘discovered’ unless you’re putting yourself out there. So, you need to be working on that SoundCloud promotion, or sharing your work on social, or pitching to agents and publishers. You just have to be putting that effort in, if you want to get traction.


Because this can be a long, hard process, you’ll need support. And lots of it! Not only does this mean that it’s handy to have amazing family and friends around you, but you are going to want to make sure that you have a professional support group. A coach or mentor, and others in the same position as you can be so helpful here.


However, if this is going to work out, then you need to actually believe in yourself and your abilities. It’s really easy to believe that talent gets you places. And, it does. But if you believe in yourself, and you keep going, then you will get results. This is why patience is so important. Because it might not be today, it might not be tomorrow – it could be in a few years’ time. And so, you need to make sure that you’re in the best possible position to withstand that, with your ambition, drive, and self-belief.

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