Which Countries Are Leading The Push Toward Renewable Energy?


Clean energy is one of the biggest challenges that the world faces at the moment. Other sources of energy are fast running out and the impact of global warming is becoming more visible. While there are still people that dispute climate change, most people agree that we need new ways of producing energy if we are to survive. The US was once a leader in technological innovation but when it comes to green energy, the rest of the world is doing a lot better. These are the countries that are pushing the boundaries of clean energy production.


India is a relatively newly emerging economy but they’re already ahead of a lot of Western countries when it comes to clean energy production. Large areas of the population of rural India are not connected to the electric grid but solar energy offered a good solution to this problem. The price of producing solar panels in India has decreased a lot since and they’re now the fourth largest solar powered country in the world. They’ve even started cancelling the building of coal power plants in favor of solar panel farms which are far quicker to build and offer clean renewable energy.


The 1970’s oil crisis caused a lot of problems for Denmark so since then, clean energy and self-sufficient cities have been top of the agenda. They are one of the leading powers in the world when it comes to wind power; in 2017 they set a new record for themselves after managing to generate 43.6 percent of their entire electricity for the year using wind turbines. As well as switching over a huge portion of their usage to clean electricity, they’re also leading the way in innovation of green technology. Head to Green World to find out about all of the new green technology that they’re developing over there; most recently, a bridge over to Sweden that will be powered in part by solar panels.


The general perception of China is that it’s at the bottom of the list of environmentally friendly countries. We’re always hearing horror stories about the pollution over there and while it is a huge problem, they are moving forward. In 2016 they became the world leader in solar energy, taking over from Germany, after spending a huge $88 billion on renewables. In 2016 they also built 3 times more wind farms that the US did. While China might have a bad past record on environmental issues, it has turned that around in a big way.

The US is moving backwards in clean energy at an alarming rate and that vacuum has been filled by newly emerging economies like China and India and European pioneers like Denmark. They are benefitting from the huge amount of jobs created by a green energy push, as well as the reduced costs of powering their countries. The future is set to be dominated by self-sufficient countries and if the US doesn’t catch up soon, it could risk becoming reliant on the rest of the world for energy.

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