More Countries Are Targeting A 100% Renewable Energy Future

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The support for renewable energy is growing. More individuals are starting to learn about the benefits. Many large companies are investing more in a renewable future. It makes sense- renewable energy is cheaper to generate. It also makes for a cleaner environment.

Interest in renewable energy is growing fast all over the world. In fact, a news report showed that nearly 50 countries vow to use 100% renewable energy by 2050. Governments and organizations are investing more time and resources into a renewable future. Here are a few of the countries that have made some significant developments towards renewable energy.




Argentina has made big advancements regarding renewable energy in 2016. It’s in large part thanks to the new government, led by Mauricio Macri. The country is aiming to become a key player in renewable energy. Macri is hoping to attract $20 billion in investments. The goal is to generate a fifth of Argentina’s energy through renewable sources in the next decade.

Many business leaders and organizations have also taken an interest. The Argentinian Renewable Energy Conference attracted 500 attendees over three days this year. It also featured influential people speaking in support of renewable energy. The nation is becoming more educated and enthusiastic for future changes.

It’s a fast-growing country, with the population growing by almost 3 million in the past five years.

In 2011, Argentina’s usage of fossil fuel energy was estimated at nearly 90%. It seems likely that this percentage will drop a great deal. Especially with the government’s increased interest in renewable sources.




Brazil is another South American nation with a growing interest in renewable energy. In fact, the country is heralded for being Latin America’s largest renewable energy market. You can expect to see the usage of clean energy sources grow here.

It seems that renewable energy investment is growing rapidly in Brazil. They’ve already raised $3 billion in investments. They plan to use this for building renewable energy sources. The focus has largely been on solar power. After all, it’s sunny for most of the year and droughts mean it’s hard to rely on hydropower.

With the fifth largest population in the entire world, it makes sense for Brazil to move to cheaper energy.




The Danish have long been front runners when it comes to renewable energy. In fact, the country started installing wind turbines in the 1970s. The country was largely dependent on foreign oil imports. They began planning for secure renewable energy earlier than many nations.

Their interest in renewable energy has only grown since. The country set a world record in wind production back in 2014, with 39.1% of their electricity being generated by wind power. They then went on to break the record in 2015, providing 42.1% of the country’s energy needs through wind power. Their goal is to hit 50% by 2020, and 84% by 2035.

The government have also implemented other renewable energy measures to reach their target. They’ve built around 94,000 solar panels. However, with short Scandinavian summers and long, dark winters, wind power is much more reliable.

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