Cozy Up With These Little-Known Winter Facts


Baby, it’s cold outside!

Now that winter is well and truly here, you probably won’t feel like heading outside into the chilly weather. It’s the season to hibernate, after all! There’s no wonder that we all want to stay at home once the temperatures drop and the snow arrives, so why not wrap yourself up in your favorite blanket with a big mug of hot cocoa. And then you’ll be all nice and cozy to read the following truly amazing little-known winter facts!

The Earth Is Closest To The Sun During Winter

If you ask most people, I bet they will tell you that the earth is closest to the sun during the summer. This makes sense, though, right? The sun will be at its brightest and hottest, so there’s no wonder that this is when people assume we are closest to the big ball of fire in the sky. However, that simply isn’t the case – the earth is nearest the sun in the winter months. It’s not the distance from the sun that causes the seasons, though, but it does affect how long they are. As the earth is traveling slightly faster by the sun when it is closer to it, it means that winter is a few days shorter than summer.


It’s Not Just The Weather That Changes

So, we all know that the weather changes drastically in the winter. However, this isn’t the only thing that changes. The clocks do too! That’s because daylight saving time comes in effect right at the beginning of winter. You can discover more about it at the link. Even though the tradition of changing the clocks has also been in practice for just over a hundred years, many people are starting to campaign to stop it for various reasons. Who knows just how long this winter tradition will continue for?

There Are Two Types Of Snow

People seem to either love or hate snow. Kids love it, of course, as they can make snowmen and have exciting snowball fights. Many adults hate it, especially when it causes disruption. No matter what your views on the white stuff are, though, I bet you didn’t know that there are two types of it. There are wet and dry snows. Dry snow is powdery and the flakes don’t stick together easily. This is the type of snow that skiers love, but it won’t be any good for snowmen. Wet snow will have fallen when the temperatures are slightly warmer, and this is the type that’s perfect for snowballs!


Japan Is Home To The Snowiest City

Have you ever heard of Aomori City? It’s in Northern Japan and is widely believed to be the snowiest city in the world. Each winter sees the city covered in around 26 feet (about 312 inches) of the white stuff! This is more snowfall than any other major city on the earth.

Have you heard any of the above facts before? Hopefully, you’ve learned something really interesting about the winter!

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