Creating Your Own Economy

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A lot of people blame external aspects for their problems, which ultimately robs them of being in the empowered position to do something about it…

See, if you are constantly blaming the economy, for instance, as the reason you don’t have financial abundance in your life then you are at the whim of the economy in terms of whether or not you feel fulfilled – rather than directing your own life from an empowered place in accordance with your values.

The times when people feel down in life are the times when they feel they don’t have control of the direction of their life, or the circumstances and situations they find themselves in – this is where people start feeling like life is happening “to them”, yet, we are ultimately in control of how we respond to the situations we find ourselves in, and it’s entirely possible to create your own economy.

Indeed, the majority of successful people, financially speaking, embrace this concept of creating their own economy as they see possibility and opportunity in all circumstances; for instance, it’s common knowledge that many property investors made their best deals in the most recent economic crash.

There’s opportunity in the worst of times, and you don’t need to be a genius to embrace it, you just need to be aware, mindful and opportunistic in your approach. For instance, if you had invested in bitcoin a few years back your initial investment that could have been very modest could now be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Still, today, there are opportunities within cryptocurrency yet it’s worth working with reputable companies such as the buyandtradecyrpto official website to make your transactions.

There are three ingredients to creating your own economy:


When reading the news, watching television or even social media interactions be sure to focus on the opportunity rather than the doom and gloom. News vendors know that bad news sell much more than good news, and therefore, it’s much more attractive to talk about the crisis and disaster.

After all, look at how weather channels manage to turn both a thunderstorm and a heatwave into a crisis. The truth is, there’s opportunity in everything, so watch the news to keep up to speed but don’t allow yourself to get bogged down.


The reality is that the masses tend to favour certainty and comfort over the risk of pursuing opportunity. Therefore, you want to ensure you head in the opposite direction of the masses, for instance, if everyone suddenly starts selling their bitcoin – many an economist would say that was the best time to buy, as if it does rise, you will make a huge amount of money compared to investing when everything seems safe and stable; the same is true of currencies.


Remember that most things in life happen in cycles, for instance, the sun goes down as the moon comes up, the tide comes in and out, and when it comes to finances the majority of financial patterns operate in waves – meaning, you must learn to ride the wave, catch it at the right time and take a long term view.

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