Danger On Every Corner: Ways Driving Can Impact Our Mental Health

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While there’s a lot of discussion on the topic of mental health these days, If you are someone who spends a lot of time driving, have you ever given consideration to how it can affect your mental health? For most people, driving is one of those things that we have to do but if you are someone who is prone to depression or anxiety is driving compounding it? Let’s show you how driving can have an impact on your mental health but also what you can do to minimize the risks.

The Dangers Of “Thinking Away”

If you consult any car accident attorney they will tell you the number one cause of accidents on the road these days is distracted driving. While in one respect people are driving distracted because they are using their phones we’ve got to remember that if we are suffering from anxiety or depression that we may not be focusing on the road at all. In which case, we’ve got to remember we’ve got to get from A to B. In an ideal world we wouldn’t drive at all or just use another mode of transport. But for a lot of people, it’s crucial to find ways to center themselves. When you think away a lot of the time you may not really give consideration to the fact that you aren’t focused on the road. And it’s so easy for us to say that other people drive distracted but the only people we have control over is ourselves. When you start to minimize your stresses by looking at specific triggers only then can you start to tackle the problem. It all depends on the nature of the journey. If it’s a normal journey taking a different route could help you to focus back onto the road.

Being Fatigued

Fatigue is a common trigger for low mental health. If you are fatigued because you drive a lot or you work a stressful job you may feel that being in the car is the one time to get away from it all. But if you are driving home from work you are heading into rush hour and this, combined with the fact that there are the idiots on the road, means you have to keep your wits about you. If you feel fatigued taking breaks is crucial but you’ve also got to think about the time of day you travel. We all know that rush hour in the morning and the evening is the worst and if we find ourselves forever in traffic jams being frustrated this is only going to stress us out more so we feel more tired. A lot of people feel that they just need to keep going in a personal sense. But if we don’t recognize the fact that we are tired, either mentally or physically, that one moment where we’re not focused on the road could be fatal.

The Financial Pressures Of Owning A Car

Financial pressure in every aspect of our life can impact our mental health. And while it’s easy to say that a car is expensive, if it is truly eating away at your finances, should you think about giving it up? For many people, owning a car is the ticket to freedom. But if you have concerns that you’re not able to keep up repayments or the cost of maintaining the vehicle is too much you might have to consider giving it up. It can be expensive and the price of fuel can increase, but also there’s a lot of talk about cars not being as useful as they once were. There’s a plethora of public transport. And this means that if you got rid of your car would you be able to live the life you want? Nine times out of ten the answer is a resounding yes. And for many people, when they have financial pressures, this can impact their happiness. So if you were to get rid of this car would you feel happier overall?

Owning a car for many is a rite of passage but there are so many people now that don’t like driving because the roads are more dangerous as well as the fact that with the increase in population there are more drivers on the road. This means that there is more danger around every corner. And with this in mind, it’s easy to see how it’s impacting our mental health. But this begs the question: should you be doing more to look after your mental health if you own a car? It’s very likely.

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