Dealing With Employees Who Break the Rules

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If you’ve been a business owner for some time, then you’ve no doubt encountered employees that love to break the rules of your business. Whether it’s something small such as “accidentally” taking home a couple of pens and pencils from the office or something more drastic such as audibly complaining about a customer to their face, there are a countless number of situations to deal with and each one has to be handled with care. So in order to help you make those difficult decisions, here are a couple of points to consider and keep in mind for the next time one of your employees breaks the rules.

Collect evidence of their actions

The first thing you need to do is collect evidence. You can’t go around making false claims on your employees because it could backlash and turn into a court case. Before you start suspecting your employees of doing something, look up ways to track their activities. For instance, if you suspect that your employee is committing fraud, then you need to have a log of their activities and keep records of everything in order to support your claims.

Confront the employee

With evidence in handy, confront the employee about their actions. There are many different responses that could come as a result. Your employee might deny the claims and continue to lie their way out of something, possibly hinting at the fact your evidence is false. If this could be the case and your source of information is incorrect, then you may want to revise your source and double check if its true. Your employee might also admit to the claims, which makes it a lot easier for you to decide what to do afterwards.

Find the truth

If you feel like the employee is continuing to lie after showing conclusive evidence, then you may want to look at a service such as to help them prove their innocence. Although employees aren’t obligated to take a lie detector test, it will be a sign that shows if they’re willing to prove their innocence or not. If they’re convinced it wasn’t their fault or they aren’t to blame, then they should have absolutely no trouble taking the test.

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Question their motives

Make sure you try to put yourself in their shoes. As explained in this article at, it’s a crucial skill that every leader needs to possess in order to run an efficient team of staff. If you find the reason for them breaking the rules, then it could lead to a conclusion that will ultimately help your business in the long run. For instance, maybe you realise that you’re working your employees too hard, or perhaps you’ve created a stressful office that is hard to work in.

Give no second chances

However, if your employee breaking the rules has resulted in a loss of business or something similar, then there are no second chances. Unless that employee is absolutely critical to your company, you have to set an example and fire them. It’s difficult to fire someone, but if they’ve been nothing but a pain in your business for the past couple weeks, months or even years, then it’s a welcome change that you need to perform.


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